500 Challenge plan

500 Challenge

Duration:  6 Weeks
Goal:  Develop a base of fitness, primarily in the core muscles (chest, upper back, lower back, abs) 
Prerequisite:  This challenge is a base challenge for any and all levels of fitness.

How it works: 
To develop muscle exercises must be done with repitition(reps).  When performing reps it is easy to fall behind and lose interest.  The 500 challenge gives a weekly goal instead of an individual excercise goal. This allows the participant to divide the exercise up however best fits their schedule and ability level.  The only goal you have to meet is the end of the week.  If you only want to do a set of 10 push ups every other hour throughout the day, than that is fine. 

The longest resting period of the day is sleeping at night, and that is when the muscles build.  When you go to sleep, your body doesn't care if you did 1 set of 100 reps or 10 sets of 10 reps.  This 6 week period will make your muscles stronger and give each participant the confidence to build on these exercises and hopefully add more to them. 

Below is the projected schedule for the "500 Challenge".  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.

500 Challenge schedule

Weekly - 500 push ups, 500 abs (sit ups, crunches, etc), and 500 legs (squats or lunges)
Rest periods - Recommended rest is 2 days a week
Active periods - Recommended is 5 days dividing up the 500 excercises among those days (ex. 100 push ups per day)