Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My thoughts on camels, kittens, toes to bar... and being F'n late.

Sup Sup...

Guess what day it is... yo, mike, mike, mike, mike...its... Wednesday. 

Ya, I'm over the whole camel, hump day thing.  It was great for a few minutes, but there are some commercials that just run their course.  I feel like hump day has been a thing for... well... ever.  So throwing a camel at it was cute, but it's not like you invented a day... so, moving on.

Had to take a rest day yesterday...  Despite the fact that I was bragging about my performance on Sunday, which don't get me wrong... was freaking superb... I may have possibly bruised a rib, while using ninja like skills to maintain balance after falling off a box during the "box jump overs". 

I know... I know... its always sad when you realize a hero is mortal... we all know it's true, but its like...  Santa shouldn't have his beard around his neck, smoking a butt, drinking a pepsi outside macy's.... it just ruins it.  

So I went back on Monday and did the workout and you can ask MagicMike... everytime I re-racked the weight I made a noise that sounded like a small kitten was trapped in my throat... Very high pitched... which I am bringing back to be the manly way to lift.  Anyone can grunt, but only truly manly can squeal like a kitten being murdered.  Anyways... there was noticeable discomfort.  Had to take Tuesday off completely and eat Chinese food.  Only option in that scenario....

Fast forward to a sweet Wednesday session.  I was 3 minutes late to class, which essentially ruins my day... I have very few OCD traits... and unmade bed and being late are pretty much it.  I have a beef with perpetually late people.  Be on Time.  That simple... just be on Fr*cking time.  People that always blame traffic, draw attention to their inability to leave at the appropriate time to account for this factor... and don't even get me started on people that just resign themselves to being late always, so they don't even try.... i'm here, you're not... we had an agreed upon time... Social contract.  I personally think you should get to punch someone square in the chest if they are late on 2 consecutive occasions (exception, someone died... and even then, what you can't call and re-schedule).

See.... look how far off track that put me.  Moving on... again.   I hit the Wod and we banged out some respectable deadlifts.  I felt a little tenderness in my ribs so I didn't get as heavy as I wanted.  I ended up capping out at 335 lbs for 3 reps.  Not bad, but not great.   The Wod itself was a the real strong point.... I've never done RX in a WOD that included "knees to elbow" or "toes to bar"... today I did.  14 minute EMOM (even minute / odd minute) 6 deadlifts (65% of 3 rep heavy) and 3 K2E+3T2B.... I smoked that and still had energy enough to bang out 2 consecutive strict pull ups.

I am rocking and yes... rolling.   Signed up for the April competition and my partner is the incomparable Morgan... .so yea... I have to step the game up if my partner is going to be a current college athlete....  Feeling good, feeling strong.  So get at it people... Tomorrow is coming.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PR... WOD... and a rant about Home Depot... oh ya.

Sup Sup...

It's Tuesday and oh brother what a day....  So... yesterday wrapped up nicely.  I was feeling like crap and wanted to eat something tasty but bad for me.  I came to the negotiation table with this... devil ryan on my left shoulder can order dinner if we get a work out in.  Angel ryan on my right shoulder gets healthy food if we are going to sit around like the sloth that we truly are deep down....

Devil ryan won.  Hit the box for a PR on the front squat.  295 lbs... very respectable in my book.  I think I could've even gone a little more, but I am still a little banged up from Sunday's WODs.  Then our boy Eddie Kettlebell, set the bar high with a time of 6:02 Rx (53 lbs kettlebells/ push ups - sequence 30/5, 20/10, 10/20, 5/30)....  I may or may not have talked a little smack before eddie left to go do whatever is a young mocha skinned man does on a Monday...

I went hard in the WOD and seriously tried to beat his time.. but son of a biscuit (that's funny because it's the name of the WOD) if Eddie didn't beat me by a minute.  Credit where credit is due... but still i'm still better looking so deal with that eddie....

Wrapped up and prize for the night was a small buffalo chicken pizza... not exactly diet friendly... but oh my god.... it's what jesus would have had at the last supper if Holbrook House of Pizza was in Jerusalem.... They barely deliver to S. Weymouth... so, sorry jesus.

Then comes Tuesday... unfortunately the sheets of ice claimed another victim this morning.  The old Surgeon General had a misstep that left her sprawling in the drive way.  I promptely hopped to, and headed out to get some salt for the drive way and our paths. 

This is where the wheels come off the bus... I took a jaunt down to old "Home Depot"... or as I like to call it... "Condescension interchange".  There are few places on earth that you can run across someone that may or may not be able to tie their own shoes, but feel completely confident in mocking your lack of knowledge in a very specific area. 

As I approached the cluster of 6 elderly people bitterly complaining about the fact that some guy returned a tool of some sort... (irony abound since they were standing under a sign that said customer service) 5 of them scattered like someone yelled free "Winstons" here.  The one surly bugger left put his hands on his hips... the international sign for "anything you ask me will seem stupid to me"... and addressed me with "yes?".

Starters.... bro... you wear tiny orange apron to work... so, don't break a hip as you climb off that high horse.... secondly... since i'm clearly here to further your financial stability by investing my hard earned dollars into this particular capitalist venture.... how about a "good morning" or just "morning"... either would work. 

I inquired about where I could get some salt for the driveway, and he laughed out loud and said... "ya we're out."  I say, "Oh that sucks, how about sand." To which he replied with a smirk, "no, but I don't know why you would want that.  It doesn't help deteriorate the ice, just covers up the problem.  You need salt.  Why would you use sand?"

I chose this moment to say.  "Ok, thanks" and promptly walk away before offering the thought of ::deep breath::  "I don't know where you get off talking down to me, when I'm clearly here looking for assistance.  If you asked me for help in my job, I wouldn't look down on you for not understanding financial and tax implications caused by the use of varying inco-terms.  No, I would offer you assistance or direct you to someone who can.  Yes you have the market cornered on knowledge about homegoods, but it'll be someone from my side of the world that comes up with the kiosk that will one day replace your wrinkled ass... A small computerized stand that I can come into and have an interactive experience with perky digital prompts on inventory and what I might need for home projects.  You are not a special snowflake, you are an elderly person highered under some tax code, that provides home depot with a monetary benefit... cuz trust me the internet knows more than you... by the way.... Good morning"....

But... alas... I just walked to my car and left the carriage I was pushing in the most inconvenient snow bank I could find... and went to lowe's... great people at lowe's... so... ya know... go to lowe's.

love ya, bye bye.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentines dinner and Crossfit Subdued Grand Opening

Sup Sup...

How was everyone's weekend?  Just another Monday morning here in the commonwealth.  Just slipping and sliding all over the newly formed sheets of ice.  I feel like we all celebrated a little pre-maturely yesterday.... Horray the temperature is above freezing... the snow is starting to melt... just in time for nightfall where the temperatutres fall back below freezing... all the retreating snow then becomes dreaded "ice ball" snow balls and sheets of ice under snow... camouflaged death traps.

Still... it was nice to not feel like the air was stabbing me in the face.  So, i'm calling it a win.

Friday night I did Valentine's day dinner with the surgeon general... in lieu of battling parking in Boston, we headed to Providence for dinner and the RI comedy connection.  Food was a bit of a let down at this restaurant "XO"... service was comically slow... and the valet was essentially confused by the idea of parking cars... so, not great, but hey its Friday.  Comedy show wasn't terrible.  2 out of 5 comedians were funny, and the other guys were amusing, but not really laugh out loud stuff.

Saturday was low key, which was good because I am old and staying out till 2 in the morning made me pretty much a waste of space.  Got a good workout in on Saturday morning.  3 man partner WOD.  20 min amrap (45 deadlift / 45 cal row / 45 front squats... broken up anyway you want, so we did 15 reps per person per round).  I did Rx and felt pretty well beat, then we rolled to the Weymouth club and I got in a 1/4 mile swim.

Here's where it gets interesting... came home and was absolutely exhausted... caught a 2 hour nap mid day... doesn't get any better than that.  I mean seriously.... its the stuff that makes you think twice about having kids... I laid down started watching Netflix and surrendered all hope of consciousness.  out like I was hit by a tranquilizer dart.  Woke up... and met a friend for drinks. 

I had 3 coors lights (22 oz) at Chile's and I was wrecked.  I mean... sober January... has essentially made me a lightweight.  I was 1/2 way through the 3rd when I had to look at the surgeon general and give her the keys.... If I had money or looks, i'd say someone slipped me a mickey... but i'm pretty sure i'm just a candy-ass.

Sunday comes early when you're hung over... hit the pool for a swim in the morning and then the grand opening of Crossfit Subdued.  Big day for our people at Subdued.  Coach Chris and his wife Brit, and his partner mike... knocked it out of the park.  place looks amazing... tons of people, good food, good music ( big ups to King Kupah #makemoves). 

The place was rocking and the wods were going off every 15 minutes.  10 minute amrap (multiple scaling options) 10 ring rows, 20 ground to overhead, 20 box jump overs.  Doesn't sound bad on paper but it sneaks up on you.   smoke like a pork shoulder my friend.  Did the 1st one with the surgeon general... thanks again to king Kupah for blowing up the Nelly during that WOD... he just gets me, ya know...  Then our boy MagicMike showed up and needed a partner... I joined him for a second round... despite the 2 beers I drank immediately after the first wod...

nearly puked... nearly ate it coming off a box jump over... nearly cried like a little girl... but it got done.

Great day all around.  So here's to the freakin weekend... and Happy Monday.

Friday, February 20, 2015

13.1 and parallels to Spartacus... its what i do.

Sup Sup...

Dude... that was a hell of a WOD.  We did the 13.1 wod which is essentially an ass beating courtesy of Burpees and Snatch. 

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
30 Snatch (75/45)

30 Burpees
30 Snatch (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatch (165/100)
10 burpees
Snatch (210120) as many reps as possible

That sucked... I got 125 reps Rx... which I am pleased with, but it took like 20 minutes to suck enough air to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel. 

So... as I sauntered about Crossfit Subdued today, I couldn't help but draw the analogies to the show Spartacus (starz/Netflix)... 4 seasons available  on Netflix right now.  watch it!

So Spartacus (coach Chris) is recruited into service as the champion of the ludus (Bayshore)... Over time he revolts and then leads the slave rebellion.  Marching his minions into the shadows of Pompeii (Randolph).... where they free others and dispense violence in the form of WODs... i'm telling you this show is amazing... lot of parallels.

I like to think of myself as Ganacus.  former champion turned drunken fool.  Still got skills and a moral code but likes a good bender.... and slave girls just falling all over him....

Doctorae is obviously all our coaches.... beating us with whips during raging training sessions... and anytime you get an idea that you're on their level, they just smoke you like it's no thing...

I've debated a bit on this, but I think crixus is my Bosnian brother.... crazy champ style athlete... with a lady (edita/navia) that also will beat you up and down the WOD....

I'm still working on the other characters, but i'm open to suggestions. 

Lemme know and hey... have a happy Friday to all the slaves and romans.

So... i've been told i talk about crossfit too much.

It's Friday night and I feel all right.... the party's here on the west side.

That's a little montell to get your engines running on this brisk Friday morning.  I missed yesterday's entry because frankly it was a day off of working out and my life was pretty bland.  Nothing of note really.

I woke up, did the work thing, the Surgeon General's windshield wipers are broken so I loaned her my car, did some shoveling because of the roof snow that has now become front walkway snow... and that's it.

Only thing of note from yesterday.... I was informed that I have become "one of those people" that talks about crossfit too much.  Well... be still my beating heart.  How about that?  Oh how your words do injure me so. 

For one thing, I honestly didn't realize it.  It makes sense that it has become a large part of my daily subject matter, if for no other reason than it is basically my only hobby.  I essentially gave up drinking, so there are less bar room antics.  My job, although good, is quite boring... unless you are wowed by international commerce.... and I have dedicated myself to trying to get back into real shape.  so ya.... my excersise regiment has become a core part of my day....

Second thing.... What is the problem with facebooking, blogging, or talking about it.  Me... personally... I like talking to others about it, because of the shared interpersonal accountability.  How many times do you drag yourself off a comfortable couch to go hit the box, because deep down you told someone you were planning on going and didn't want to be a no show for them? Happens to me fairly frequently. 

third and probably the most relevant.... ::deep breath in:: Who the hell cares what anyone thinks about crossfit or how I go about my business.  Feel free to unfollow or unfriend me on facebook if my daily "check in @ _____ " is getting in the way of you posting dumb ass animal videos, pictures of your kids, comments on traffic, comments on weather, right wing rants about crap you don't even Geo-politically understand... or left wing rants about stuff you feign interest in so you don't feel out of touch with the little people. 

i'll edit myself so as not to annoy you with the fact that I'm getting off the couch... if everyone else can edit themselves to ensure that their comments via digital media or live and in person are accurate, well researched, enlightened, insightful, and god damned interesting.  

No more courtesy laughs from Dools.... If I can't talk about what I want... then everyone else will now know how uninterested I am in the stuff that they want to talk about.

happy Friday boys and girls.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New day... new year... Spartacus?

Sup sup...

So whats the good word party people?  Haven't been on the blog-o-sphere in while, but I decided it's time to get busy living or get busy dying.

So here's whats happening in these parts.  Same job, same house, same stuff... different day.   Only real change is that this is the "Year of Ryan"... As some may know, my jersey number was 33.. my favorite number is 33... and I am in my 33rd year of living.  This is the year of year's my friends.

Because of this I am making all efforts to be healthier, happier, and in general... better.

now I know what you're thinking... Dools... did Da Vinci try to improve the mona lisa?  Didn't snoop tell us "Perfection is perfected, so i'm a let em' understand"?   You are correct, but hey there is always room for jell-o (just ask cosby... too soon?)  and there is always room for improvement in oneself.

I am going to try to be more creative and get back into the bloggins... I'm going to try and push forward on a few professional plans... and I am going to try and become a competitive athlete again.   That is not to say i'll be able to get the whole pie this year... but lets shoot the moon.

So... I took a break from being competitive, post college.  I just felt that I wasn't enjoying the activities because I was looking for that victory feeling... I realized there was a whole genre of enjoyment just in the participation of sports.  Do not misunderstand... I believe growing up should be competitive, but at a certain point, one has to say, "i did what I came to do... back her down".

I do miss the thrill of competition and as per that... I have begun to take crossfit more seriously.  I think this is a great stepping stone in my goals to get back in shape and get on the red carpet for some much needed camera time.

Our head coach at Bayshore Crossfit... has lead a revolution (a la Spartacus).  He spun off and is endeavoring in his own venture.  I am now a member at Crossfit Subdued in Randolph.  Stay tuned for more info on that... and be prepared for an avalanche of Spartacus references, because frankly I've been watchin that on Netflix and it is the best thing since cured meats...

Lastly everyone should check out the show "kingdom"... it is sons of anarchy, but it centers around an MMA gym instead of motorcycles... watch it, love it, thank me later.

Peace out home skillets....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paleo diet - Day 3

Sup Sup!

Day 3... in like lion out like a lamb.  Am I right? 

Nothing big going on today.  Work work work all day long, Work all day while I sing this song.  Wish I had excited tales to tell, but I do not.  I got up, went into the city for a meeting, back to the house, then email extravaganza until 6:30 WOD at BSCF.

Good one today though.  Coach Dusty was in rare form today.  Beating us like we stole something out there.  Warm up was fun and creative.  Played HORSE with wall balls.  Good stuff...

The WOD itself was a 3 round cycle of Medicine Ball Thrusters (20)/ Box Jumps (10) / Wall climbs (5), but I had to scale my wall climbs to 3.  Still made it under 10 minutes... which is nice.

That's it for today... exciting things on the diet though... see below.

PALEO - DAY 3 - 8/27/14Attitude:  "Run the numbers again... that can't be right"
Weight:  265 lbs
Workout:  Yes

Breakfast - Large Iced Hazelnut coffee, skim milk, 1 sugar, 3 eggs, 4 slices bacon
Lunch - Bowl of Paleo Chicken salad (freaking awesome!)
Dinner - Salad, Paleo chix salad on top, sugar free dressing,

I know the meals were not very varied, but hey this chicken salad is the good stuff. 

But what the hell!  you believe that weight change.  That is no typo.  In 24 hours I am 5 lbs lighter.  I feel like I can dunk, or at least set a school record in long jump.  That is unreal results. 

I am sure it is essentially the water weight from "no soda" coming off, but still.  That's impressive to me. 

At this rate, i'll be Somalian by Christmas... Ho ho ho like you read about son. 

Peace be with you... and also with you.