Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New day... new year... Spartacus?

Sup sup...

So whats the good word party people?  Haven't been on the blog-o-sphere in while, but I decided it's time to get busy living or get busy dying.

So here's whats happening in these parts.  Same job, same house, same stuff... different day.   Only real change is that this is the "Year of Ryan"... As some may know, my jersey number was 33.. my favorite number is 33... and I am in my 33rd year of living.  This is the year of year's my friends.

Because of this I am making all efforts to be healthier, happier, and in general... better.

now I know what you're thinking... Dools... did Da Vinci try to improve the mona lisa?  Didn't snoop tell us "Perfection is perfected, so i'm a let em' understand"?   You are correct, but hey there is always room for jell-o (just ask cosby... too soon?)  and there is always room for improvement in oneself.

I am going to try to be more creative and get back into the bloggins... I'm going to try and push forward on a few professional plans... and I am going to try and become a competitive athlete again.   That is not to say i'll be able to get the whole pie this year... but lets shoot the moon.

So... I took a break from being competitive, post college.  I just felt that I wasn't enjoying the activities because I was looking for that victory feeling... I realized there was a whole genre of enjoyment just in the participation of sports.  Do not misunderstand... I believe growing up should be competitive, but at a certain point, one has to say, "i did what I came to do... back her down".

I do miss the thrill of competition and as per that... I have begun to take crossfit more seriously.  I think this is a great stepping stone in my goals to get back in shape and get on the red carpet for some much needed camera time.

Our head coach at Bayshore Crossfit... has lead a revolution (a la Spartacus).  He spun off and is endeavoring in his own venture.  I am now a member at Crossfit Subdued in Randolph.  Stay tuned for more info on that... and be prepared for an avalanche of Spartacus references, because frankly I've been watchin that on Netflix and it is the best thing since cured meats...

Lastly everyone should check out the show "kingdom"... it is sons of anarchy, but it centers around an MMA gym instead of motorcycles... watch it, love it, thank me later.

Peace out home skillets....

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