Friday, February 20, 2015

So... i've been told i talk about crossfit too much.

It's Friday night and I feel all right.... the party's here on the west side.

That's a little montell to get your engines running on this brisk Friday morning.  I missed yesterday's entry because frankly it was a day off of working out and my life was pretty bland.  Nothing of note really.

I woke up, did the work thing, the Surgeon General's windshield wipers are broken so I loaned her my car, did some shoveling because of the roof snow that has now become front walkway snow... and that's it.

Only thing of note from yesterday.... I was informed that I have become "one of those people" that talks about crossfit too much.  Well... be still my beating heart.  How about that?  Oh how your words do injure me so. 

For one thing, I honestly didn't realize it.  It makes sense that it has become a large part of my daily subject matter, if for no other reason than it is basically my only hobby.  I essentially gave up drinking, so there are less bar room antics.  My job, although good, is quite boring... unless you are wowed by international commerce.... and I have dedicated myself to trying to get back into real shape.  so ya.... my excersise regiment has become a core part of my day....

Second thing.... What is the problem with facebooking, blogging, or talking about it.  Me... personally... I like talking to others about it, because of the shared interpersonal accountability.  How many times do you drag yourself off a comfortable couch to go hit the box, because deep down you told someone you were planning on going and didn't want to be a no show for them? Happens to me fairly frequently. 

third and probably the most relevant.... ::deep breath in:: Who the hell cares what anyone thinks about crossfit or how I go about my business.  Feel free to unfollow or unfriend me on facebook if my daily "check in @ _____ " is getting in the way of you posting dumb ass animal videos, pictures of your kids, comments on traffic, comments on weather, right wing rants about crap you don't even Geo-politically understand... or left wing rants about stuff you feign interest in so you don't feel out of touch with the little people. 

i'll edit myself so as not to annoy you with the fact that I'm getting off the couch... if everyone else can edit themselves to ensure that their comments via digital media or live and in person are accurate, well researched, enlightened, insightful, and god damned interesting.  

No more courtesy laughs from Dools.... If I can't talk about what I want... then everyone else will now know how uninterested I am in the stuff that they want to talk about.

happy Friday boys and girls.....

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