Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paleo diet - Day 3

Sup Sup!

Day 3... in like lion out like a lamb.  Am I right? 

Nothing big going on today.  Work work work all day long, Work all day while I sing this song.  Wish I had excited tales to tell, but I do not.  I got up, went into the city for a meeting, back to the house, then email extravaganza until 6:30 WOD at BSCF.

Good one today though.  Coach Dusty was in rare form today.  Beating us like we stole something out there.  Warm up was fun and creative.  Played HORSE with wall balls.  Good stuff...

The WOD itself was a 3 round cycle of Medicine Ball Thrusters (20)/ Box Jumps (10) / Wall climbs (5), but I had to scale my wall climbs to 3.  Still made it under 10 minutes... which is nice.

That's it for today... exciting things on the diet though... see below.

PALEO - DAY 3 - 8/27/14Attitude:  "Run the numbers again... that can't be right"
Weight:  265 lbs
Workout:  Yes

Breakfast - Large Iced Hazelnut coffee, skim milk, 1 sugar, 3 eggs, 4 slices bacon
Lunch - Bowl of Paleo Chicken salad (freaking awesome!)
Dinner - Salad, Paleo chix salad on top, sugar free dressing,

I know the meals were not very varied, but hey this chicken salad is the good stuff. 

But what the hell!  you believe that weight change.  That is no typo.  In 24 hours I am 5 lbs lighter.  I feel like I can dunk, or at least set a school record in long jump.  That is unreal results. 

I am sure it is essentially the water weight from "no soda" coming off, but still.  That's impressive to me. 

At this rate, i'll be Somalian by Christmas... Ho ho ho like you read about son. 

Peace be with you... and also with you.

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