Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Whats up good Paleo people?

The quest continues.  The hunt for 6 muscles in my abdominal region rages on.  Despite their absence for the past 14 years, searches are still optimistic they are nearby.  Authorities are asking anyone that has any information on the abdominal muscles in question, to contact their nearest blogger.

So, ya...  Still going strong deep into the 48th hour of this quest.  Actually got off the couch too and hit up the gym yesterday for some Crossfit type mayhem.  Bayshore Crossfit (BSCF) is where it went down.  Did a solid warm up, followed by the equivalent of the Navy PRT, then the WOD.

I say the Navy PRT because it is essentially the same thing with the exception of the 1.5 mile run.  We did max push ups in/Sit ups in 2 minutes respectively.  Then did max air squats in 2 minutes.  All be it, I am about 1/2 of what I could do back in the early 2000's, I was not terribly disappointed. 

For 1 thing it was a different era.  We were all still spinning from Y2K, Colin Farrell was dramatic/action here, and Nelly was still riding high on a wave of songs that frankly have been unmatched to date.... Also, my form was tremendously better.   As is common knowledge apparently to everyone but me, when you correct your form... you lose a little, but then gain it back and exceed previous results.  Bottom line... I should get better soon.

Push ups - 32
Sit ups - 60
Air Squats - 60

The WOD was Dubs/burpees... so all in all... SUCKED!  My dubs are actually pretty good now, but burpees... well.  ya.  moving on.

PALEO - DAY 2 - 8/26/14
Attitude:  "No Problems yet"
Weight:  270 lbs
Workout:  Yes

Breakfast - Large Iced Hazelnut coffee, skim milk, 1 sugar, 3 eggs, 4 slices bacon
Lunch - Bowl of Paleo Chicken salad (freaking awesome!)
Dinner - Salad, grilled chicken, sugar free dressing, hard boiled egg

Down a pound!  Very happy about that.  Still doing alright honestly.  Most of the time I'm starving by now, but I am actually riding a pretty good wave of self control.  Yay for me.

Weigh ins are every morning before any food.  I'll keep that consistency and I'm doing it every day so as never to give myself that window of complacency. 

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