Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Getting Paleo Busy... again.

So the summer has essentially gone the way of the dodo for the year, and it is time for the 3 R's....

Reflect, Re-plan, Re-bound...  At the end of each summer I look back at the pictures from the Surgeon General and I's anniversary in May, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Falmouth Road Race, and Labor Day.  Despite the fact that Labor day is yet to come... I've already had my annual spirit crush.

I look like crap in the pictures.  Just flat out carrying too much Man around.  I need to stop the non-sense and get down to business.  I've run the gamut on the Paleo diet before.  It is a tough beat to walk, but frankly I need to get on track.

So here is the deal... Some parties close to the situation, whom I will not specifically name (Kristen)... think I lack the "where-with-all" and down right dedication to lose the weight.  Well you little red headed nay-sayer... I've got news for you. 

You're probably right.

I'm going to try to stay as close to Paleo as possible, but I know already I can't do 100%.  It is just to un-enjoyable.  I am keeping my morning coffee, and the occasional salad dressing.  I think that is a solid compromise in the grand scheme

It's a hard diet to stick to.  Wildly inconvenient, doesn't taste as good, no pizza, essentially... it is my cold turkey heroin habit kick...  in 4 days i'll be able to sympathize with my 12 step brethren.  Fear not though because we're taking a new tact. 

I've heard that daily logging of the food helps.... and it just so happens that I have my own blog... so suck a lemon world cuz i'm bringing it to you. 

This will be my full blown diary of paleo diet... aka Operation "Miserable"... So as they say Comedy is Tragedy + time... enjoy you sadistic bastards.

PALEO - DAY 1 - 8/25/14

Attitude:  "i'll be fine."
Weight:  271 lbs

Breakfast - Large Iced Hazelnut coffee, skim milk, 1 sugar
Lunch - Muscle Pharm protein shake, with almond milk
Dinner - Boneless Skinless Chicken breast and Vegetables

Ok... mistake out the gate... This is not enough food for a man of my breadth.  I know this already so I am going to make adjustments for Tomorrow and be sure to get a little more sustenance in the breakfast/lunch portion.

No major break downs, but I will say the end of the day gets hungry my friends.  I'm talking post dinner...  around 8:30/9:00... starts to get a little tough to stay happy about your life choices.

In the old days, I'd just say, "You'll hit dunks in the morning. Just go to bed."  Best I can hope for now is some hardboiled eggs.   This is going to be just as hard as I remembered. 

Oh well.  1 day down only a ba-jillion left. 

Good day people....

I said Good Day!

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