Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My thoughts on camels, kittens, toes to bar... and being F'n late.

Sup Sup...

Guess what day it is... yo, mike, mike, mike, mike...its... Wednesday. 

Ya, I'm over the whole camel, hump day thing.  It was great for a few minutes, but there are some commercials that just run their course.  I feel like hump day has been a thing for... well... ever.  So throwing a camel at it was cute, but it's not like you invented a day... so, moving on.

Had to take a rest day yesterday...  Despite the fact that I was bragging about my performance on Sunday, which don't get me wrong... was freaking superb... I may have possibly bruised a rib, while using ninja like skills to maintain balance after falling off a box during the "box jump overs". 

I know... I know... its always sad when you realize a hero is mortal... we all know it's true, but its like...  Santa shouldn't have his beard around his neck, smoking a butt, drinking a pepsi outside macy's.... it just ruins it.  

So I went back on Monday and did the workout and you can ask MagicMike... everytime I re-racked the weight I made a noise that sounded like a small kitten was trapped in my throat... Very high pitched... which I am bringing back to be the manly way to lift.  Anyone can grunt, but only truly manly can squeal like a kitten being murdered.  Anyways... there was noticeable discomfort.  Had to take Tuesday off completely and eat Chinese food.  Only option in that scenario....

Fast forward to a sweet Wednesday session.  I was 3 minutes late to class, which essentially ruins my day... I have very few OCD traits... and unmade bed and being late are pretty much it.  I have a beef with perpetually late people.  Be on Time.  That simple... just be on Fr*cking time.  People that always blame traffic, draw attention to their inability to leave at the appropriate time to account for this factor... and don't even get me started on people that just resign themselves to being late always, so they don't even try.... i'm here, you're not... we had an agreed upon time... Social contract.  I personally think you should get to punch someone square in the chest if they are late on 2 consecutive occasions (exception, someone died... and even then, what you can't call and re-schedule).

See.... look how far off track that put me.  Moving on... again.   I hit the Wod and we banged out some respectable deadlifts.  I felt a little tenderness in my ribs so I didn't get as heavy as I wanted.  I ended up capping out at 335 lbs for 3 reps.  Not bad, but not great.   The Wod itself was a the real strong point.... I've never done RX in a WOD that included "knees to elbow" or "toes to bar"... today I did.  14 minute EMOM (even minute / odd minute) 6 deadlifts (65% of 3 rep heavy) and 3 K2E+3T2B.... I smoked that and still had energy enough to bang out 2 consecutive strict pull ups.

I am rocking and yes... rolling.   Signed up for the April competition and my partner is the incomparable Morgan... .so yea... I have to step the game up if my partner is going to be a current college athlete....  Feeling good, feeling strong.  So get at it people... Tomorrow is coming.

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