Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentines dinner and Crossfit Subdued Grand Opening

Sup Sup...

How was everyone's weekend?  Just another Monday morning here in the commonwealth.  Just slipping and sliding all over the newly formed sheets of ice.  I feel like we all celebrated a little pre-maturely yesterday.... Horray the temperature is above freezing... the snow is starting to melt... just in time for nightfall where the temperatutres fall back below freezing... all the retreating snow then becomes dreaded "ice ball" snow balls and sheets of ice under snow... camouflaged death traps.

Still... it was nice to not feel like the air was stabbing me in the face.  So, i'm calling it a win.

Friday night I did Valentine's day dinner with the surgeon general... in lieu of battling parking in Boston, we headed to Providence for dinner and the RI comedy connection.  Food was a bit of a let down at this restaurant "XO"... service was comically slow... and the valet was essentially confused by the idea of parking cars... so, not great, but hey its Friday.  Comedy show wasn't terrible.  2 out of 5 comedians were funny, and the other guys were amusing, but not really laugh out loud stuff.

Saturday was low key, which was good because I am old and staying out till 2 in the morning made me pretty much a waste of space.  Got a good workout in on Saturday morning.  3 man partner WOD.  20 min amrap (45 deadlift / 45 cal row / 45 front squats... broken up anyway you want, so we did 15 reps per person per round).  I did Rx and felt pretty well beat, then we rolled to the Weymouth club and I got in a 1/4 mile swim.

Here's where it gets interesting... came home and was absolutely exhausted... caught a 2 hour nap mid day... doesn't get any better than that.  I mean seriously.... its the stuff that makes you think twice about having kids... I laid down started watching Netflix and surrendered all hope of consciousness.  out like I was hit by a tranquilizer dart.  Woke up... and met a friend for drinks. 

I had 3 coors lights (22 oz) at Chile's and I was wrecked.  I mean... sober January... has essentially made me a lightweight.  I was 1/2 way through the 3rd when I had to look at the surgeon general and give her the keys.... If I had money or looks, i'd say someone slipped me a mickey... but i'm pretty sure i'm just a candy-ass.

Sunday comes early when you're hung over... hit the pool for a swim in the morning and then the grand opening of Crossfit Subdued.  Big day for our people at Subdued.  Coach Chris and his wife Brit, and his partner mike... knocked it out of the park.  place looks amazing... tons of people, good food, good music ( big ups to King Kupah #makemoves). 

The place was rocking and the wods were going off every 15 minutes.  10 minute amrap (multiple scaling options) 10 ring rows, 20 ground to overhead, 20 box jump overs.  Doesn't sound bad on paper but it sneaks up on you.   smoke like a pork shoulder my friend.  Did the 1st one with the surgeon general... thanks again to king Kupah for blowing up the Nelly during that WOD... he just gets me, ya know...  Then our boy MagicMike showed up and needed a partner... I joined him for a second round... despite the 2 beers I drank immediately after the first wod...

nearly puked... nearly ate it coming off a box jump over... nearly cried like a little girl... but it got done.

Great day all around.  So here's to the freakin weekend... and Happy Monday.

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