Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cuz its Tuuuueeessssdaaay, again

Hey hey everybody,

Another day in the salt mines.  I feel wednesday gets so much attention for being "hump day", and monday for being "monday".  You know what Tuesday must feel like.  I mean sure Monday has an extremely negative conotation attached to it, and wednesday is recognized as the glimmer from the light at the end of the tunnel.  Tuesday gets no love or hate from anyone.  You're deep enough into the week that there is no complaining, but too early into the week to celebrate.  Thusly my friends and I gave thanks on Tuesday back in college.  A day in the midst of the quest for the weekend.  We would raise up a glass, or 14, and proclaim "Cause its Tuesday!"

I have revived this tradition in the form of  a more productive process.  The return to the gym after the monday day off.  So I invite everyone to celebrate Tuesday's mediocrity in the scheme of the week's days.  Misery is for monday, Wednesday is the pull from darkness, Thursday is usually ladies night and Friday is the weekend.  So whether is drinking or working out, don't forget to yell "Cuz its Tuuuuueesssday".

Ok, all that being said.  I had a good run at the 500 challenge yesterday.  Banged out 100 of each of my excercises and I am feeling good.  Hit the cardiologist today to get tests run so I can get the full endorsement of the American Medical Association to train for the triathlons.  BP = 134/82 good, resting pulse = 47 very good. 

Hitting the cardio today with some bike and pool work.  Lets git it boys and girls, cuz I only got 96 days till my first triathlon... Chief of Staff, Surgeon General, and Tomshop41 too.  So....

"Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner! " -- Joe Kane, "The Program" 1993

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