Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome back to the Chief of Staff

Like she said, I am all for anybody posting any of their thoughts up here.  This group started as a fitness/motivation scene, but there is way more to life than how many reps you did.  I think our Life Coach will back me up on this. 

I have always had a difficulty balancing aspects of my life. Work, personal, health, fun... I always have gone way to far in one direction.  I am trying to make a conscious effort on leveling out my efforts.  The Life Coach's comment about "be happy with your choices for the day" is about the best way to summarize this blog.

I am trying to leave work on time, get my work outs in, check in on the net, and make food.  I am enjoying work more because there is more going on outside of it, I am enjoying my work outs because I'll get to share it with people, and I am enjoying sharing it because other people are doing it too. 

I am stoked all around folks.  My little 1/2 marathon effort solidified a paradigm shift I've been working on for a few months now. 

I encourage everybody to share what is going on in there life here.  If its funny or life altering or even something sad you think people would benefit from hearing about.  Whatever it is, the point of being healthy is to make your life better.  All the stuff happening in the world to each of us is LIFE.  So bring it on guys and girls.  We want to hear about your fitness and fun. 

As for me... I had a great work out yesterday late in the evening.  I hit the bike for 30 and the swim for 15.  This is a relatively light cardio day in the Tri training program, but it kicked my quads, tris, and back.  I was toast. 

I have however begun to notice a change in my habits.  I was exhausted, but I still went tot he store and came home a cooked at 8 pm.  Normally I would've hit the "Wawa" for a sub, but it was more of a second nature thing to go buy some fish and salad fixings so I could have dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  So there it is. 21 days and my habits are changing.  Rock on.

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