Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New and improved

Hey hey hey everybody.

I hope all are well in this the month of our Patron Saint... Pat.  Get it??? yes.  ok.

So I took a little break from the blogosphere to review the elements involved in keeping the masses happy.  I became concerned that the steady stream of what I was doing for workouts was not the best use of the old superhighway.

Over the weekend of the 11th, I conferred with the "Chief of Staff" and we (well she, but I was sitting there) came up an idea of how to spice up the world of "Dooley Noted".  As your humble, yet fearless, leader I will be crafting some themes for the days of the week.  This way you'll receive my daily thoughts about subjects depending on what the daily theme is. 

Any and all "2 cents" are welcome and encouraged, about any topic.  This, however, will give us a point of interest for the day and everything on top of that will be gravy.

I know it all sounds crazy, but don't worry... we'll rock and roll with it.  So here's the schedule of the day:

Monday - Motivational Mondays (Motivational Quotes and thoughts)
Tuesday - Top of the 9th Tuesday (Red Sox updates and Baseball wisdom)
Wednesday - Work out Wednesday (Whats the work out plans and hopes for the week, and other fitness thoughts)
Thursday - Drama Day (Gorilla man does his take on movies, so I'll throw my thoughts in on the world of drama and other theatrical nonsense.)
Fridays - Wide open. (Whatever anyone wants to say... usually this day gets lost in the shuffle.)
Sat/Sun - Weekend wackiness( These days will be an open book session. Any thoughts and updates)

So, hang on to your socks everybody... this is going to get interesting.  Stay tuned.

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  1. ...Your welcome.... yea you know what I'm talking about!