Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivational Mondays

Buenos dias folks,

Another day, another penny down on the docks.  Same old, same old nonsense out here.

I'm feeling pretty good about starting the week up though. Had a good weekend of working out and getting my fitness back into a routine.  It was amazing how difficult it was to get back into the routine of cooking and making good food, even though I only took a break for a few days. 

It just goes to show you how quickly you can slide into crappy eating habits.  I ended up having pizza, calzones, subs, etc.  And the thought of cooking up some rice and turkey sausage seemed like quite the task... Don't worry folks, we got it back in gear.

Made some Knorr dirty rice and turkey sausage for dinner last night w/ a salad/cukes/fat free feta.  Whole meal was only 17 points.  Good for my points, but I believe that is more than half the Surgeon General's daily allotment... hahah sux to be her.

What has 2 thumbs and is going running today after work... this guy.  Running day today.  I also need to start mixing in some strength training on my off days.  I'm seeing some definite changes in my physique and belt length, but I am hoping to get a little muscle definition to go with it.  It's not my primary goal, but it's nice to look nice.

My huge big motivator for the week is.... drum roll...  pull ups/chin ups. 

I have one of those rigs that goes in the doorway and you can do your pull ups on it.  I like it and I've had it for a year or so now.  I put it in mybathroom door because it's the only one it will fit in.  Apparently doorframes in Florida were wider.  Anyways,  my big plan was to try and do as many pull/chin ups as I could everytime I walked through that door.

I didnt realize how many trips to the bathroom I make in a day.  It sux.  You really start to question whether you really have to go, in these situations.

Well, long story short... pull ups are said to be the measure of someones overall strength/fitness.  I've never been good at them, but I used to be able to do a few at a time.  recently I havent been able to do any without assistance. 

Last night I did 2.5 pull ups and 2 chin ups.  Not a huge deal, but a massive improvement from the zero I was doing a couple of months ago.  So... that's the motivator for the week is to keep on the keeping on.

"life's a garden, dig it" -- Joe Dirt

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