Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday was rough... Having a better day than Whitey.


Hey everybody... Took a day off on Wednesday because I was smoked from a day on the docks.

Doing the work thing out here in 94 degree heat is a difficult task.  Usually I am more of a supervisory role, but I actually got to go back to my Jacksonville roots and do some hands on foreman work.  I was flagging forklifts, yakking on the radio, and basically just playing with real size tonka truck stuff. 

I'm telling you this... if a kid loves playing with those toy construction sets, then this the gig for them. 

P.S. go union.  I have no real political argument to make right now, but those guys are definitely raking it in.  Us management types might not have to get a fork lift driver license, but I am also not on double-triple "rape my operating budget" time.

After all that time in the sun, I just killed about 4 liters of water (132 oz for the english) and hit the couch for a little cool down period... which led to a long summers nap.

I felt pretty good about it because I needed some rest, I got a lot of good time on my feet and I stayed under my points for the day.

I'll be back at it today...  I am debating between a jog or a swim/bike brick.
I'm super motivated because I am closing in on the second notch getting tightened on my belt.  I may only have lost 6 lbs, but it is starting to be a noticeable difference.  215 here I come.  I may even fit back into a shirt I haven't worn in years, but always kept as the goal... c'mon.  Everybody does it.

So holla if ya hear me Mr. Bulger, and in honor of your unauthorized bio-pic....

Frank - "Who let this IRA f*ck in my bar?"
patron - "uhhhh..."
Frank - "Im just kidding. hows your mother?"
patron - "Not good.  She's on her way out."
Frank - "We all are. Act accordingly."

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