Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sore to the Core

Good morning my friends,

I hope all is well as we start to move closer to christmas.  I've been trying to get my budgetary restrictions figured out and i've determined that stuff is just too expensive. 

Anyways... So, the surgeon general and I hit the gym hard over the weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday we had strong sessions at the Weymouth Club.  I tell you this... that place is a little pricey for a gym, but man is it nice. 

I did a leg workout on Saturday that I am still hurting from.  I haven't been doing as much legs as I should be, which translates directly to weakness in your core.  it's all well and good to look good across your chest, arms, and upper back... but you can totally feel the difference when you are neglecting a minor area such as "your entire lower body". 

all that being said... i finally did some squats and lunges and other painful exercises.  I kicked my own butt and felt good about it.  The Surgeon general did a spin class and she too was feeling the burn. 

On sunday morning we hit an early class at the gym.  The class was called "Core... something" and it focused specifically on the core muscles of your midsection and upper legs.  This was tough for me because I had smoked myself stupid the day before on leg exercises.  There is nothing more embarassing than elderly women running circles around you in a class.  (it didn't help that I was the only guy in the class)

Bottom line of the story is... the class was awesome and I hope to make it part of my regular routine.  My abs and legs are still sore.  (in the good way).  Because of the soreness though, I have taken Monday and Tuesday off to stretch and hopefully recupe, so I am ready to go hard Wednesday through Sunday. 

Well, thats it for me... nothing big going on outside of that.  Get ready for xmas and get your shopping done early.


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