Friday, December 16, 2011

You know you're from Raynham if....

Good Morning folks,

"we won yesterday.  If we win today, that is 2 in a row.  If we win tomorrow, that is called a winning streak.  It has been done before." -- Coach Lou Brown, "Major League I"

I am on a hot streak of gym attendance.  I am 3 in a row and going strong into the weekend.  I was at the gym on Wednesday morning, then on Thursday I mixed it up by sleeping in and hitting the gym later that night at 7:30, and then this morning I sluggishly made my way to the gym for an early morning workout.

Got a good leg workout, and some pool time in today... I am spent.  My brain is up and cranking now, but my body feels drained.  But it is all good because I'll be able to get a workout in on Sat and sun and hopefully I'll have worked out 5 days in a row by monday morning.

The best part about this little hot streak is that it adds motivation, because no one wants to break a streak.  In other news today...  I read one of those "you know you're from _____ if ___" articles...

So... I've decided to create my own.

"You know you're from Raynham if..."
1) You know the name for "the nip" is long, but you have no idea what it is, and no interest in learning it.

2) You like multiple pizza places, but recognize that "Brother's" is the unquestioned best.

3) You were irritated that Brother's moved from it's original location (despite the fact it only moved 30 yds away.

4) You correct people on the proper pronunication of Raynham (Rain- Ham)

5) You actually couldn't care less how people pronounce the name

6) You find satisfaction at beating people from Taunton at anything.

7) You know what "The milk bottle" is.

8) You have snuck your own beer into Emmas on $0.99 pizza night (to save money)

9) You know to never enter the water at "the nip"

10) Mary Dooley has deafened you with here 2 finger whistle

11) You know one of the houses on 138 was part of the underground railroad, but don't know exactly which one.

12) You've been to the "lions club" for a school dance

13) You've heard the term North Raynham, but still agree it's basically part of Taunton

14) You maintain a quiet superiority over Bridgewater natives without vocalizing it

15) You know where the "Hanant house" is and what they sell there. ( outsiders - its a florist)

16) You don't know exactly what the Noblins do, but you know they own most of the town.

17) Lastly, You read this list and came up with 13 things I missed.

So that is that...

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