Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012 everybody

Good Morning people,

Happy 2012...

I hope everyone is having a good year so far.  I took a little time off from the blogosphere during the holidays... mostly because nothing really interesting was going on, but also because I was with most of the people that read our little bloggins.

Christmas and new years were great for me and the surgeon general.  We saw family and friends and it was a blast.  Thanks to all the people out there that had parties and invited us over. 

Kicking off the new year now, I made some resolutions... I wont bore you with the gritty details, but most of them are designed to help me get in shape for this year's fitness challenges.  So far on the docket I have several events that I am really hoping to take part in (assuming finances and time allow).  Here's what we're looking forward to so far.

DC Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon - St Patty's day - tentative
Tough Mudder - May - definite ( if registration permits)
Clearwater sprint Triathlon - June - definite
Falmouth Sprint Triathlon - July - definite
Falmouth road race - August - definite (if I can get a number)

As always I am looking for fun things to do to keep my butt in shape so feel free to chime in with any interesting events.

As for this week... i was able to hit the gym hard all week.  Took today off for rest and then hopefully back at it for the weekend.  I am still raving about the "Core and More" class on Sundays at the Weymouth club.  Check it out if you are a member.

I've changed over from free weights to a lot more "body weight" excercises (pushups, squat thrusts, etc.)  I figure it works for basic training, P90X, and others... so hey, it'll work for me.  Plus its recommended for training for some of my planned events. 

so... nothing really interesting to report.  have a great day everybody and get r done in 2012.

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