Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"like a fat muppet on crack"

Good Morning Everyone,

A little snow on the ground for the first time since I moved back here.  Good to see that MA drivers are still baffled by solidified precipitation.  Apparently when the coefficienct of friction lowers... so does the general IQ of our driving population.  that whole texting while you drive is just plain ridiculous, but what about the concientious driver that isn't quite sharp enough to not take a corner doing 30 when the ground is white... anyways.

I had to bag on the gym this morning because I was not feeling great.  A little stuffy and sneezing, but hopefully i'll be back on the horse this evening for a swim and a work out.

The weekend was good for fitness.  And Tebow for that matter...

I hit the gym on saturday and sunday and got some serious work done.  I had mentioned before that I've leaned away from free weights and gone back to body weight excercises... and focusing on core muscles.  I tell you this... i feel great.  I'm always amazed at how good it is to just bang out the push ups, abs, jumping, etc. 

Don't get me wrong, I look like a fat muppet on crack while I'm doing it, but the results are the results... down a few pounds, feeling good, and staying motivated to keep the diet undercontrol.  In addition i have given up pizza until St. patty's day.

For many the pizza thing, isn't a big thing... but for me it is more like a nasty heroin habit.  1 week in and i haven't fallen off the wagon yet.  So.. one day at a time right.

Last posting I had, i mentioned a list of events for the year.  There is one that wasn't on the list, that is under serious consideration.  The "Pan Mass Challenge".  It's a ridiculous bike ride all over the coast.  I am trying to figure out if it's something I can do (fundraising, training, large buttocks on a small seat... usual challenges).
Wish us luck... we have several Dooley Noted nation members gearing up for it... so here's hoping.


I liked it.  I saw the movie after reading 3/4's of the book.  Seemed like it would be easy to understand without reading the book, but the characters make a little more sense if you've got the background the book gives.... but I liked it.  Earned every bit of the "R" rating too... so that was good.

PS... IF THE CHIEF OF STAFF DOESN'T START POSTING AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH... SHE WILL BE DEMOTED TO GORILLA GIRL AND THE GORILLA MAN IS THE FIRST NOMINEE FOR A PROMOTION...  he'll have to be confirmed by winning sack races on alternating saturdays in March first... but I feel confident in his abilities.

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