Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello again!

I stayed up a little too late last night I think (Tuesday Karaoke up in Lincoln!!) so I wasn't able to get myself up and working out this morning. I don't know what happened to my body but I just felt really crappy, it was almost how I feel when I'm dehydrated but with the amount of water I drank yesterday there is no way that is the case, I almost wonder if I possibly over hydrated.

Another pain I felt was the muscle soreness. Even though it is uncomfortable it is the good type of pain that shows you've worked hard during the work out so I will take it!

Work out:

I ate lunch at my desk so I could take off a little early from work. I head out at 4:00pm busted out the Cardio Power Insanity work out. The work out was difficult filled with a lot of push up but I got through it. Took a quick shower and headed down to Boston since I have Thursday and Friday off from work at PSU. 


Even though I didn't get my work out done in the a.m. I did get up and forced myself to drink a pint glass of water before doing anything else. I didn't feel like prepping any food so I just grabbed a banana to bring in to work. By 10:00 am I had finished my second 16-oz of water. That left 32-oz. to go for the mini goal and 64-oz. left for the large goal. 

I had left over broccoli from yesterday and again didn't feel like putting anything together this morning so I brought more minute rice and shrimp in for lunch.

By the end of work I had met my mini goal but forgot my water before heading to Boston. When I arrived I ate a garden salad with 1 TBSP of light balsamic vinegar dressing. I lasted about 20 minutes watching t.v. and then was out cold for the night, I wasn't able to reach the Grand Goal of 96-oz. of water but overall the meals for the day went well so I was happy when I woke up.

Mini Goals:

Since I am headed down to Boston for my "weekend" I have sent myself a few Paleo/Gluten Free recipes and I picked up ingredients for and then hopefully make.

On the menu are:
Gluten Free Quinoa Pizza Bites (Found on Pinterest)
Apple Glazed Turkey Breasts (Found on Paleo Plan)
Omelet Muffins (Found on Paleo Plan)

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