Monday, August 26, 2013

La da di da di... Rolling with Miley/Molley.

Couple of things here...

Item numero uno. Full on week 1 of the 15 week Fitness Adventure Hike - Quest (FAH-Q). We are in full swing baby. Got the goals set, check... schedule of gym attendance check...  Weight watcher's point system check... This thing is on like donkey kong, eating a prawn, in a thong.

So this year represents 10 years since my blood decided to go on strike and... whats the medical term?  Oh ya, stop pumping.  You know what happens in that situation?  Basically you die. 

So there I was, straight outta the federal academy, athlete, good shape.  Living life like an *sshole.  Drinking, smoking, and just being unhealthy... but straight awesome.  All of a sudden my arteries and veins became Rt 93 N at 08:30 in the morning... Blood clots for days and no actual flow to the brainski.

Were it not for the good folk at Mass General and my superhuman ability to almost (but not actually) die, then this little piggy wouldn't be going to market. Technical term is Acute Deep Veinous Thrombosis, but to all you lay persons... a Stroke.

Kicker ----  Guess the date this occurred. December 25, 2003. Seriously??  who has a stroke at 22??  This guy!  Well here we are anyways... fast forward 10 years.

So the deadline (no pun intended) is 12/25/13. Goal is to weigh the same weight I did in 2003.  That means 220 lbs.  I'm going togive myself 1 lb because I believe that it is acceptable to gain 1 lbs in 10 years. 

So everyone get on board for fun, party time, USA.  265 lbs - 220 lbs = 45 lbs to lose.  15 weeks to lose it.  3 lbs a week.  Doable.  So get some!


Everybody needs to get off Miley Cyrus' case.  People should remember that all performances are contextual. You know what I am saying?  Read the room brah.  Read the room.

If you go to a club (strip or otherwise) and you see women in full work attire reading "Little

Women"... you'd be disappointed.  To all the lying, wingnuts that will quickly say "no I wouldn't"... Guess what? no one is buying your non-sense, so quit selling it. 

Back to the point... Now if you walk into the library and find a girl dancing on a table to "pour some sugar on me"... then you would likely be a little put off.  Personally, i'd be surprised, but not disappointed, but that's me.

So I think all the high and mighty people that are shocked that MTV should sit down and have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up.  Shocking that a network... a network that has made billions of US Dollars off classy shows such as Jersey Shore, Real World, Caged, Buckwild, Spring Break, and the empire's crown jewel 16 AND PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!  Discovery channel got eviscerated for "megaladon", but we've all been endorsing the elusive "Mega -la - douche" on MTV.

These guys are basically a step above a porn channel.  The VMA's and the Movie Awards are basically the Frat House equivalent of the Grammy's and the Oscars.  People are only mad because more people watch the frat house stuff than the portentios moanings of the supreme "artists".I think everyone should ease the hell up and accept what the bored Housewives of the 80's already went to war over. MTV is inappropriate, edgy, racey, pornographic, and basically what most people would do if they didn't have to exist in real life.

Back to Miley.  Lay off my girl.  She is young, hot, rich, and a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.  I say rock on with your bad self.  She isn't huring anybody.  Nobody actually got on Madonna's side until 20 years after she wasn't cool enough to be on MTV, starting faking a british accent, and became Jewish.

Anyone who is mad she isn't a classy role model, should maybe watch more PBS and less MTV.  You're looking for water in a desert.

"I'm shocked.  Shocked to find gambling at this establishment"

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