Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RETURN OF THE MACK.... and me too

Heyo Heyo Heyo,

What is good in the virtual hood Dooley Noted Nation?

I am not going to lie... We have let this ship founder without a captain or a rudder.  Everyone feeling the nautical theme?  I hope so, cuz I was laying it on pretty thick.

Anyways, the world has been rapidly spinning on it's axis and time has been flying as a product there of.  The Spring came.  The spring went.  The summer came.  The summer is about to leave.  It is a time like this that I am led to start thinking "how can I be of service to humanity?"

The only answer is to jump back into the blog-o-sphere and bring people the nuggets of brilliance that is my brand of humor.  Not to be confused with Gorilla Man's almost brilliant brand of humor.  It's like white vs. off white.  Kind of looks the same, but if you catch it in the right light... you see what I am saying.

So... New game plan for the Nation.  The blog will continue to consist of Fitness and work out non - sense as I am beginning a new fitness Challenge.  Additionally we will have movie reviews from Rated D (with counterpoints when I am so inclined), and the occasional comical rants.  My goal is to be a 50/50 split with fitness and entertainment.

Any questions? No? Good.

Soooooo... the new fitness challenge is named appropriately by a fitness colleage and member of the Red Head persuasion.  I am embarking on the "Fitness Adventure Hike - Quest" or "FAH-Q"  for short.  Thank you for the name Ginger Bear (formerly known as Neilsy / scotty 2 hotty)! 

It is wildly appropriate as it is the only sentiment I feel as I bumble along the road looking like what I imagine the "Stay Puft" marshmallow man would look like as a person.  So FAH-Q!  Everyone FAH-Q.  Feel free to join me if you too have had it up to here with all those people running with no shirts and girls in sports bras.

For the record if I ever get down to 220 lbs... i'll absolutely be one... but for the time being FAH-Q.

So as we start the journey  we benchmark...  265Lbs... 45 lbs to go until shirtless, fun, party time, USA.

Welcome Back Dooley Noted Nation.... and who else is looking to hear more "Vengaboys" in the year 2014? 

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