Monday, January 31, 2011

Arts and Leisure dawns on Dooley Noted

Sweet entry Gorilla man!

This is exactly what we were missing.  An arts and leisure section.  You're like that guy Siskel, except you still have your mandible.  (too soon?)

Thanks for the 2 cents man.  Keep em coming... Also please share any recommendations on Plays, movies, etc.  That you anticipate to be good.  The surgeon general and I took in a play 2 weeks ago called "The Understudy".  It was funny, but I got the impression I was missing some of the intended jokes because of my uncooth nature and unrefined pallet for the arts.  That, and everyone else laughed and I didn't.  Don't worry... I faked a laugh, but I felt used after I did.

Anyways.  Thanks for the addition Gorilla man, can't wait for the next one.

Feeling sore today from my triumphant return to the arena that is the "500 challenge".  I will be putting up today's recipe of the day shortly and hopefully I'll be hitting the bike and pool later today... Not to mention the meeting with the nutritional guru "Dan".

Hopefully we'll hear from my time traveling Chief of Staff.  Everyone compliment her on how young she looks.  She is technically 4 hours younger than all of us because her body says she is in the pacific time zone, but ours say we're in eastern.  It's a hitchcockian dilemma of immense proportion.

Remember everyone all the world is a stage and we are but actors upon it.  --  That one goes out to the Big Sky Gorillas.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out.... However I'm only 1 hour younger to the Gorillas. They didn't even answer my phone call when I tried to gloat.