Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rated D #1 - 127 Hours

This weekend I watched the movie "127 Hours". Spoiler Alert: James Franco cuts off his own arm to escape death by starvation and dehydration in a cave in Blue John Canyon in Utah.

I have decided to add to this blog in the only way I know how which is to use performing arts related things to help inspire and whatnot.

This movie about a canyoner, hiker, all around alternative athlete who finds himself literally between a rock and a hard place by which his right hand was jammed against a canyon wall after a fall during a solo hiking trip somehow leads to a place of inspiration and hope as opposed to dismal fear and emptiness.

In the moments leading to his what should have been death, this in-shape, one with nature athlete found himself needing the thing he'd always avoided: other people. The inability to return a phone call, leave a note, post a status, etc. leads to a near fatal ending for a character (... or person for that matter...) who is so full of life, energy, and enthusiasm.

It's important to remember that in all the challenges we take on, accomplishments are nothing without someone to share them with just as failures are irreparable without someone to help us out. Whether your rock and hard place are work & friends, love & loss, time & commitment, or distance & obligation, people around you can prove to be the literal existential component in your life.

Take not for granted what has been granted to you, or else be taken and, granted, incomplete.

"Hey Aron! Is it true you didn't tell anyone whre you were going?" - James Franco 127 Hours

Gorilla Man

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