Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to the Clydesdales

Hahah,  Yes Mr. Tomshop41... I have come quite a ways from last summer.  Actually a major driving point of me wanting to cut some weight and get more fit came from that faithful Road Race weekend.  When I was trying to my best Patrick Swayze lift from the "had the time of my life" sequence in Dirty Dancing and could only lift the youngest Bowen....  Well i realized I needed to get back in the gym and help stella get her groove back.

I do still stand by the statement that I'll prefer golfing to finish line, because we have seen people run before. I do, however, realize there is something to be said about the support efforts.  I can honestly say that number or no number this year I'll be at the race.  i'll be a runner or a Cheerleader.  lets pray for runner because Its gonna look like a Chris Farley SNL skit if I have to hit the trail in a cheerleader uniform.

As for the Clydesdales... I say rock on with your bad self.  I also say you should do the whole thing dressed like a blues brother and cartwheel across the finish line, but that my friend is just my thoughts on the matter.  Either way glad to see you on the board here with your fitness check in.  You and the Queen of HSN are welcome to post straight to the blog if you like.  Check your emails and you should have author status. 

I am ramping up for my end of the day antics and mentally preparing (a.k.a. drinking a diet coke and blogging) to head home and do some push ups and situps and lunges... then its off to the bike and pool for my tri Training.   So Tally Ho fitness freaks and lets put another day of training to bed.

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