Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beantown report: The weather is here wish you were beautiful....

Just trying to bring a little tropical spirit into a less than tropical day. Things are getting warmer but that just means the snow will get heavier.

Today I was on the go all day on my feet and a little higher stress that usual because we had a large event sponsored by the office. The event went very well overall, however my diet did not. My lunch consisted of picking at the sweets table from 12-2. Even though I am being hard on myself today I do have to look back and realize I did very well compared to any other time I've been at these events. I stayed away from the cookie tray and the hot cocoa. I only dabbled in the chocolate fountain with one large strawberry. My weakness was the Cheesecake parfaits they were serving.

I eventually returned to the office and was not quite hungry but still needed something of substance to stop myself from eating anymore sweets. Luckily over the weekend I stocked up the office fridge with lean cuisines and got to enjoy a Chicken Club Panini. I have to admit this is one of my favorites on the lean cuisine menu. I even resisted getting a side of chips and by the end of the meal, like our life coach suggested, I stopped when I was satisfied not full.

I did get my Zumba in today which was exciting. I hadn't been in over a month so I forgot how uncoordinated I am and how much rhythm I lack, but it was still a good time. 1 hour of non stop latin-based dancing really gets the sweat pumping out of your body, especially since the heat was stuck at 70 for most of it. Unfortunately I was starting to get worried about this paper I kept putting off. Instead of going to the Y for a swim I headed home to give my fingers a work out on the key board.

For dinner I enjoyed a Lasagna Baked with Meat Sauce Smartone, with a side of simply steam broccoli cuts, and a plain bagel thin. This really gave me the energy that I needed to get through writing the paper. I'm sure the diet coke helped too!

I'm planning on getting up early, if my body thinks it's possible, to go try out the Y-cycle class. It will be my first class at the Y and my first spin class so I have no clue what to expect. 6:00am is only 4 hours away so I'm not sure how realistic this class is in my future. Working out after class is a no go since I have not even started thinking about what I'm bringing to L.A. I'm just glad I never unpacked from Florida so my 70* weather clothing is still easily accessible!

Well - this was a nice wind down from racking my brain and the internet for facts about community college statistics.

Fingers crossed that the snow comes and goes so that our flights don't get cancelled!!!

Hope you all had a nice Tuesday :o)

Chief of Staff out!

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