Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And thats what I call a Tuesday

So, how'd everybody do today?  Excellent...

I regret to say that I took an extra day off the challenge because of some soreness in the tri's and chest.  Just don't wanna go to fast to early.  I made the mistake while training for the disney weekend and we aint going down that road again.  Ice packs and heating pads were fine for the calf muscles, but I am not icing my chest.  It'll be weird.  If someone calls and says, "what are you doing?"  I'll totally feel like they know I was just Icing my man boobs. 

In other news today.  I did manage to get good stretching and cardio in.  I like to stretch my lower body, get on the bike and then after 3 to 5 minutes I stretch my chest/back/and arms.  I feel like once I get the blood pumping I get a good stretch.  I hit the bike for 30 then the pool for 15.  Feeling good, but I confirmed after the 1st week of training I am exactly the same weight.... ok, not great, but its early.

175 is a long way off, but Im coming for you.

food was good today...  Banana nut muffin in the a.m., Turkey sub for lunch, Banana for snack, and baked beans and turkey sausage for dinner. 

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  1. good job and good thinking about not pushing to cause an injury.