Monday, January 24, 2011

Bitter Cold Bahston ♥ Chief of Staff

Oh Mondays.... What are you going to do about it?

I did not end up finishing my paper yesterday so Monday has now turned into one of my days off. Tuesday technically should be my day off but I will swap it out. I'll be heading over to Life in Synergy to take a Zumba class then walking across to the Y to get my swim on. I'll write back tomorrow to let you know how that all goes.

I'm in between work and class right now. Having those pre-class gitters/butterflies. You really would think that by the last (and 13th) semester of college these would fade away. None the less they are here and 7:15 can not come soon enough.

Today is bitter cold in Boston so I am just greatful that class is in the same building as my office. Although my walk home at 10pm is not forcasted to be much warmer. I have been wearing my ski gear, a face proctetor/tutrle fur duo and my under armor hat while trekking outside. My co-workers have accused me of being both a bank robber and a ninja, I personally prefer ninja.

As a student affairs professional I always like to reflect on the Highs and L0ws of the day, as of 6:00pm-

Tampa, FL ~ 70* feels like 70
Glasgow, MT ~ 18* feels like 5
Boston, MA ~ 10* feels like -1
Weymouth, MA ~ 7* feels like -3
Raynham ~ 6* feels like -3

You know MA is hurting when the Gorillas are warmer then they are.

But hey! At least my boss sent me a text today that read "Want to come to LA this weekend?"
That's right - I'll be heading west to see Skid Row first hand and assist Suffolk University, USC, and Kennesaw State students build leadership skills while learning about/dealing with issues regarding homelessness awareness.

For real now:
low of the day - the coldness
high of the day - realizing how lucky I am to have a job/boss that offers me opportunities like this.


  1. I'm going going back to back to cali cali -- biggie smalls

  2. Whoo-hoo! So happy for you and new adventures! And side note: it felt like a legit heat wave today when the temp reached 18! Bout' time we got some sun.