Monday, January 24, 2011

Mrs. G ~ Bringin' in the Heat

Happy Monday!

Not only was it above zero temps here in good ol' Glasgow but the sun was shining to! I turned on my morning TV and heard that the east coast got blasted with cold (I hope you all are stayin' safe and sound, sporting the layers, and protecting the fingers and toes). Normally, I leave the house resembling the Abominable Snowman or the kid from A Christmas Story but not this morning, it was 10 ABOVE 0. I was whistling dixie until I got stuck in a snow bank and JP and a kind man in a jacked up pickup where able to pull me out. Ahhh..livin’ large on the highline. But I digress,

Day 1 of Half Marathon Training: Today was the beginning. It was me and the treadmill. I stepped up to the plate, tunes blaring, palms sweaty….it began.
· 2- 12 minute miles
· 100 situps
· No pushups but weight lifting with free weights

All in all it was a good day. I’m feeling good and looking forward to kicking my own butt in Zumba tomorrow.

Keep sending the heat this way…this Vitamin D is awesome!

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  1. Ha, i was thinking dam... Erika is a night owl on the internet... then it hit me that the blog posts everything in Eastern time and you guys are 3 hours back. So... you're posting at normal hours of the day. Carry on.