Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cuz its Tuuuuuuesday!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum,

Whats the good word folks.  Sounds like everyone had a promising start to the week.  I think I take an opposing view on Mondays than most.  I like to make Mondays my day off for several reasons.  What are they you say?? we'll sit back and eat your granola hippy and I'll tell you.

1) Most of my training programs have the sat/sun combo as a pretty hefty run/swim/bike workout.  I like to take a day to "stretch and strengthen" as Hal Higdon would say.  I like to get up early and take a long hot shower and do some stretching... its like my own personal steam room.  Except there is a cat clawing at the curtains and I am not the most graceful person... so add a wet tub to the equation and lets just all be appreciative for the advent of handle bars and bathmats.

2) Monday afternoon heroes at the gym.  Go to a gym on Monday and then again on Wednesday and then back again on Monday.  You'll notice a ridiculous crowd on Monday, Wednesday will be less, and then Monday will be insane again.  Trust me, since I have been one of these heroes in the past.  These are the people who go nuts on the weekend, feel like crap on Sunday and swear to get back in the gym, and then blast away on Monday afternoon.  I am all for encourage people to hit the gym, but the problem is they go so hard on Monday and have no plan for the rest of the week, that the next time you see them is the following monday when they realize its been 7 days since they hit it.  E.G. Monday afternoon Heroes.

3) TV on Monday Rocks now.  When no one was looking the monday tv line up became what the NBC thursday lineup was back in the 90's.... There are so many good shows on that my tivo is screaming for back up.  House and Lie to me are on Fox from 8 to 10.  How I met your mother and Rules of Engagement are on CBS.  Its always sunny in Philadelphia is on FX for 2 hours.  Im thinking of buying another tv to go side by side in the living room so I don't miss anything. 

In conclusion.  I had a salad and grill cheese sandwich (made on the foreman grill with wheat bread, fat free cheese, and that fat free butter spray that tastes like crap, but the Surgeon General talked me into using).  Then I hit the couch for some rest.   I'm back in the game today rested, refreshed, and ready to rock... Why?  Cuz its Tuuuuueessday!


  1. I do have to say Ryan you have come along way in this fitness craze. From just this past Falmouth Road Race, when you pulled up with Capt. Dooley to inquire on my participating in a round of golf, during the race. I declined in favor of going to the finish line to watch the runners....you eloquently advised me that you "have seen people run before" And now this level of dedication and passion is impressive.

    Myself and Tricia rode our bikes from our house to Clearwater beach Sunday. A 15 mile challenge on a great pinellas trail and gulf front route, including the big incline on the bridge to the steep decline. It was a great experience. Then a less then quarter mile swim in the 52 degress of the gulf. Followed by a beach length run to Frenchy's for the Packers vs. Bears. Good thing we drove down in the morning and parked the truck in Frenchys with a bike rack for the return home. Body Pump at LFF tonight.

    Monday is always packed, Wednesday is half full or empty depending on your optimism or pessimism and Friday is a ghost town. I'm shooting to win the Clydesdale division in the Dunedin sprint.

  2. hahah, I can hear the hoofs now.

  3. excellent to the both of you. That sounds like it was a blast