Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buenos Didley Dias neighborinos

Good Morning everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying this frosty Saturday morning.

I know its early, but the cat decided I was wasting the day away and was kind enough to wake me up by bringing every toy he has onto my bed and just having a field day.

Anyways... First week of the 500 Challenge is drawing to a close today.  I hope everyone is getting their last excercises for the week in today.  I also hope everyone is feeling it as much as I am.... mostly because misery loves company.  As I told the Dooley noted official life coach. "Pain is weakness leaving the body" -- Gunnery Sgt Ragin, USMC

I hope you guys and girls have enjoyed some of the healthy recipes we've been posting.  Please give us a shout on the reviews. 

Yesterday was a day off from working out for me.  Long days on the dock are not conducive to hitting the gym.  Last night was pizza and tv and bed... Today I am going to try and hit it hard and get a couple hundreds in for the 500 challenge and some serious Tri training cardio. 

Hit it hard out there guys and have a great saturday.  oh and 1 last thing.  I have posted the Sprint Tri Training on the "How do we do it" page to the left of the blogs.  If anyone is interested in the prescribed training regiment for the Sprint Tri.

Adios and Vio Con Dios


  1. Got it done this morning, looking forward to a relaxing Saturday.

  2. Excellent... Keep it cranking lady. You doing a bootcamp in the sprint?