Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swimming and Budweiser... Read on to find out how I connect them

Whew...  Back at the Raynham fitness center swimming was all about using a foam thing to float and kick.  Then it was about safety.  Soothing hum of the pumps and filters were a nice background for the instructions on how to swim.  No one ever mentions that swimming straight out for 20 minutes would kick your... tail.

I went hard for 40 min then a 5 min cool down on the staitionary bike.  Changed into the suit and into the pool for 20 min.  I am telling you, "That is a cardio work out."  I honestly love swimming, but I am glad I started this Tri-training early.  I did not give the swim portion the respect it deserved.  I am one tuckered out "clydesdale". 

Whats that you say?  Clydesdale?  I am glad you asked.  I signed up for the Dunedin Sprint Triathlon, which by the way I am going to refer to as just Dunedin for the sake of time.  During the process I was given the option of being grouped by age or by being over 200 lbs.  Apparently in Dunedin 200 lbs is "clydesdale-sized".  Now for all you keeping score at home.  I broke 200 lbs in 9th grade. 

Yes, the clydesdale is a majestic beast that has long since been a pillar of transportation, much like myself.  And yes, the clydesdale has always brought thirsty patrons that frothy and frosty nectar of the gods we know only by its mortal name... "Budweiser", but I am not quite happy with the tag.  I have chosen to be grouped in my age bracket and leave the clydesdales to their own, well deserved fame. 

I know what your saying, "But Ryan, if you were a clydesdale then you could have a connection to one of the commercials in the superbowl."  I agree it is a lot to pass up, but I am going to wait for the next internet/ dot com bubble and ride "Dooley Noted" to fame and fortune.  "Life's a garden dig it." -- Joe Dirt

By the by... I did finally find my Chief of Staff...

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  1. It's actually DirtE. It's cool it's French.