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And on the 7th day God said "Peter Gabriel", and thus was Genesis... Well good morning Vietnam and welcome to the first ever blog on Dooley Noted.  This is an experiment to get all the other inspired souls to come together in the name of fitness and general motivation.

I am the Public face of Dooley Noted, but that is primarily for my charisma, sex appeal, and general awesome nature.  The "E True Hollywood Story" will one day bring credit to all the pillars to my success.  Such as my Chief of staff Ms. K.P. Dooley.  She motivated me to get involved on this because of her insane ability to get gmail documents and dropbox things to work for the family fitness kick we are on.

I said hey lets take it to the Internet Superhighway and see if this armadillo can jump. 

So... here is the run down.  I'll be making my posts to keep you all updated on my Triathlon Training.  In addition to the training I hope we can share recipes, books, motivational quotes, etc.  Anything that you think the people out there training or interested in training should know.  But there's more.  Lets check out the training going on in your kneck of the woods.

The Dooley Noted Chief of Staff is also joining us in the 500 challenge and possibly a Triathlon.

"Gorilla Man's" (JP's) lovely wife is also training for a 1/2 marathon, and it would be awesome to hear her training updates.

The Dooley Noted Surgeon General, P.A. Ms. Kris will be trying to keep me from hitting the trifecta of blood clots and in addition is training for a Duathlon. 

The Dooley Noted "Life Coach" and general inspirer of humanity is joining the 500 challenge and possibly recruiting a team for the "Speedin in Dunedin Triathlon"

The Dooley Noted "Amscot Man... There's another one" may be getting enlisted for the "Life Coach's" team.

Tomshop41 has confirmed he's training for the Dunedin Sprint Tri.

Not to mention the entire clan of Falmouth Road Racers that will be starting there ramp up to the Road Race in a few months.

So.....  Moral of the story is that we are all trying to get down and dirty with the fitness world and the best motivation is continued support and comraderie with family and fellow fitness nuts.  So everyone is welcome and encouraged to chime in with their 2 cents.  Looking forward to hearing from everyone. 

"In my dreams, Im a kenyan"

before there was a Dooley Noted

So, i know in the first part of the blog there was a very biblical opening.  Well we'll have to move forward from that because prior to Dooley Noted there were entries on training logged into my Chief of Staff's dropbox account... ::gasp::  i know.  It's shocking... like when we found out that Jesus' real birthday was in like April or something.  They moved it to dwarf out some pagan holiday.  Pretty messed up if you ask me, but I'm way off topic.  In Any event, I am proud to present the earlier entries on training and such... Just bringing the time/space continuum back to neutral...

1/17/11 – 8:30 pm – Ryan – 257 lbs

Hey guys, thanks again to kyle for setting this up… and yes you are corny, but its like I always say “consistency is the key” so it works for you.  I know I’m a tubber so I am not ashamed to say I’m 257 at the start of this. 
I started today with the sets of 100, and I will say it was hard to get rolling.  I watched Jersey shore with the sound off… gotta say those people are scumbags, but they have fantastic bodies, and motivation is motivation so whatever. 
Tip from Ryan – The length of the lunge is far less important than the controlled down and up motion.  Lunge forward until your front knee makes a 90 degree angle and the thigh is parallel to the floor and lower down slow but don’t touch your trailing knee to the floor.  This keeps both legs and your buns engaged.  (secret goal #1 – I want the butt I had back playing baseball) We should also start thinking of catch phrases to sign off on our entries.  “in my dreams, Im a Kenyan”

1/18/11 – 9:30 pm – Ryan

Hey guys, I know you were dying for the next installation of “Dooley Noted:  What’s Ryan Doing today”… and I am not going to tease you like some of USA network’s fine programming (thank you very much burn notice and your 6 month hiatus).  Hit the gym today for a 30 min bike and 15 min swim.  I forgot how hard it is to swim for 15 min straight.  I was flashing back to me and dad’s trips to the holiday inn fitness center after the stroke. 
In other news though, I also hit my 100’s for the 500 challenge again today.  Feeling it in the glutes and the abs are screaming “knock it off and bring back that love gay couple from Vermont… Ben & Jerry in case anyone needed that spelled out. 
Well im off to save the world one episode of “how I met your mother” at a time.  I am also pointing out Johnson Philpino Dooley’s absence from the postings.  For Shame gorilla man, for shame.  Later guys

“in my dreams, Im a Kenyan”

Note from Kyle – 1/18/11: on that spreadsheet you added for your triathalon training… are those numbers the amount of minutes you should be doing each exercise or the amount of miles/meters???

Notes from Mary – 1/18/11: Ok  just so we are clear  I don’t see myself doing a triathalon  but if someone needs a strong swimmer on their team (if you are doing teams) you might be able to persuade dad to do it.  (hmmm  wonder if he actually would do it)  Any way  I am plugging along. Also I am using a kettle bell for some extra arm workouts and actually use it when I am doing squats, as you can see I have increased the crunches and squats and will continue to push the push ups (no pun intended)  the family room has transformed into my morning gym area.  My treadmill isn’t great but it gets the job done until the weather gets better.  “in my dreams I am a tall long legged blonde”  hahahah

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