Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idle hands

So... the good people of Sea Star Line, LLC are technically giving us corporate sponsorship for this blog.  That is to say that I am being paid as a SSL employee while I am typing this.  Big shout out to the little line out of Jax, FL.

In other news today, I am hoping to see some posts or comments pop up soon on the Blog.  I opened up the blog to fellow training peoples (the ones I had email addresses for) so I am sure my Chief of Staff, Gorilla Man, and Mrs. Gorilla man out in Big Sky country will be helping us out with some motivational words soon.

I took last night off as a recovery day from cardio and the 500 challenge.  I am feeling strong today and hope to get my marshmallow butt (soft and very white) back to the gym tonight for a swim and a couple hundred exercises.

You see?  That is the cool part about the 500 challenge.  When some asks you... "what are you doing tonight?"  You can say, "I gotta hit the gym to do several hundred reps."  That sounds crazy.  The person asking that question will almost guaranteed feel a little jealous.  Every fit person will say, "Right on!"  Every non fit person will say, "Eh, why.  I couldn't do that."  Little known secret (I speak from experience) is they are feeling a little motivated to follow the example.  I'll bet dollars to donuts that the person will have something slightly more healthy at the next meal because of your conversation.

Point of the matter is that just by telling people how hard you're working is motivational (and anyone who is doing the challenge can vouch that it's not easy).  So keep up the good work everyone.

P.S.  Keep an eye out for the daily recipe entries from the "Belly off club" at men's health.  I'll be posting one daily to give people lunch/dinner ideas.


  1. So true! Looking forward to keeping my tabs on you guys and hoping you keep me motivated to meet my own goals! xo

  2. Haha - So true! Every time I leak the 500 challenge the response is always.... "WHY... man that's ridiculous...or, i couldn't do that"