Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lunch time

Ok... So has everyone seen the campbells chunky soup commercial where they poor the chunky "stew" over white rice?  Ok good, everyone knows what I am talking about.  I tried the stew over one of the packets of "broccoli cheddar rice". (i don't know the brand name)  It was awesome and only took me 15 min. to cook the rice.  You don't even have to heat up the campbell's stew.  Poor the stew into a bowl and scoop the rice out of the pan onto the stew.  The rice is hot enough to heat up the precooked beef and veggies and the stew is cool enough to bring the rice down to an edible temp.

I'm not Macgyver, but give me a coconut and a toothbrush and i'll blow your mind.

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