Monday, January 24, 2011

Word's o' Wisdom Tampa

Dooley Noted's Official life coach and inspirer of humanity says:

Nobody has mentioned cravings yet but I thought I would offer some thoughts on that topic. If you find yourself craving something consider this. if you are truly hungry, your body is not going to crave cheesecake, chocolate, potato chips, etc. Those cravings are coming from your mind because you are stressed, tired, angry, upset, thirsty, or some other emotion. Instead of reaching for that bag of chips or cookies try taking a few deep breaths, from your belly not your chest followed by a glass of water or write down whatever you are thinking or feeling. After a few minutes of conscious breathing and relaxation the craving will usually have passed. If you still want the chips, etc. go ahead and have them. Taste every bite and when you stop enjoying the food or it just no longer tastes good, stop eating. If you are truly hungry your body is going to crave real, fuel foods.

Have a great week!

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