Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Civilization...

hey hey all,

All good things must come to an end, and this weekend was one of them.  To all our loyal followers - sorry for the lack of postings this past weekend.  We didn't abandon you.  Fridays are terrible for me and then the weekend was whirlwind of snowboarding and fun.

The weekend kicked off (for me) on Saturday morning.  I was too exhausted from work to even try to make the drive from Philly to Boston on Friday.  So I hit the sack Friday night and at 04:30 I was up and heading on out. 

After a quick review of the apartment to make sure the cat (Fenway) was going to be alright for a few days, and a stop at Mc D's for an Egg mcmuffin... I was en route.  I honestly love the drive from Philly to Boston on an early Saturday morning.  It is a long drive and it is tiring, but there is virtually no one on the road and its a good view of NYC a peaceful ride through CT and RI. 

I hit Raynham at 10:15 and picked up mom and my snowboard.  We grabbed the Chief of Staff in Boston and headed north to Sunapee.  At the mountain by 2pm and on the slopes by 2:30.  That is great turn time, if you ask me.

We met up with the Braintree Cousins and rocked the skis and snowboards for 2 hours on Saturday and all day Sunday.  No major crashes or injuries.  Plenty of bumps and bruises and lost battles with the moguls, but it's all in a days work.

We even had a coors light promotion going on in the Apres Ski area.  Tell me that is not perfect timing.  The DJ was great and our crowd won ice scrapers, goggles, cd's, and even talked the guy into giving us the tin bucket they were using as display on the table.  Typical from our crowd, but still impressive... and I didn't even mention Kels and my "Journey" karaoke off...  Journey's greatest hits makes an appearance on the "ultimate marathon mix"... so lets just say I've heard "Don't stop believin" a few times.

All in all this weekend is pretty hard to top.  This was an awesome "crosstraining" weekend.  I threw caution to the wind on the diet aspect for the most part.  We were working hard on the slopes and having a blast.  Like "the life coach" said, "I am happy with my decisions". 

Personally, that is what I am looking for these days.  I want to cut the weight, but more importantly... I want to look and feel good.  So, if occasionally I go a little nuts and have a donut in the morning, a breadbowl of chowder in the afternoon, and buffalo fingers in the evening, so be it.

Monday is a day for rest, so I am on the couch for the night.  Getting back at it tomorrow and here we go again.

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