Monday, February 7, 2011

Mama Bear

My ride to New Hampshire was funfilled with lots of laughter and great stories, the laughter was mainly at my expense but I am thrilled to have given you all this foundation for your stories remember "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story" I was also asked to identify myself in my posts. Identified (check) now the weekend was great as Ryan said with stories laughter, inspiration and possible more participants joining the triathalon training. I am still feeling the ski work out as Ryan said, it is like doing a continuous squat for a 1 mile run. Do that a couple of times and you feel tired but good at the end of the day. Today I wasn't able to do as much exercise as I had been doing as the new muscle told me to "relax", I will continue on and should be back to normal by midweek. Looking forward to our next ski trip. Kris you were missed hope we can do it another weekend. Things I learned on this trip, Kelsey and Ryan are awesome when it comes to Journey Karaoke, Leave a light on when staying in a new hotel, especially one with stairs, take pictures of all the stuff dad would have enjoyed, (LOL), tell Ryan you have buffalo chicken dip ( made totally low fat) in one of the many plastic containers before you are heading home, don't yell Go Griz in a New Hampshire bar, or you just might have a ninja like Montanian appear out of no where, Don't talk to the crazy 40 year old Brigham & Womans guy at the bar (too long a story for the blog) all in all lots of lessons learned. Keep up the great work folks keep on blogging

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  1. I think you forgot.... Always ask for a side of fries, Momma Marathoner is not allowed behind the bar, don't make reservations for dinner at the front desk, and of course bring an extra set of utensils and glasses to the Mountain Edge Restaurant (Just in case they don't purchase enough for the amount of guests staying in the hotel).

    Spoiler alert! B&W man short and sweet:
    Mama Bear tried to set 40 Something B&W up with her soon to be 25year old cub.... Good thing I have class on February 14th, that could've gotten awkward real quick!

    Just kidding, that's just what he thought was happening ~ but she said it... can't let the truth get in the way of a good story!