Monday, February 7, 2011

Forget civilization... Back to realization

1/7/2011 - 1/6/2011

So I was just browsing through my Facebook photos and realized how crazy the last month of my life has been.

To think 30 days ago from this moment Team Silent Killers had been out to eat at Planet Hollywood and were all fast asleep, dreaming about being Kenyans, and anxiously awaiting the sound of the alarm clock to wake us up for the Disney Half Marathon.

It was a weekend full of pride and accomplishment. We could not have asked for a better day, the weather was beautiful for a run. The weekend over all was amazing. Smooth flights, a nice hotel room, unlimited refill Mickey cups, and Animal Kingdom (where "Gorilla Man" was originated!)

Team Silent Killers still can not thank everyone who supported us on the day of whether it was by cheering in the streets of Disney World/Epcot or getting woken up by the constant chirp of our 12 minute mile check in points. Of course we have to send love to those who donated to the American Stroke Association helping us surpass our $1,200 goal.

We even got to see Phil and Trish over at Clearwater Beach during the weekend. It was a great night of signing along to a struggling solo guitarist at the Palm Pavilon. Ryan even won a Pina Colada for knowing the names, artists, and words to every song the poor man played.

We arrive back to the Northeast, me to Boston, Cover Boy and the Surgeon General to Philly to celebrate her birthday. There we were greeted by a Nor' easter. Many businesses and schools shut down for a
day or two. Luckily I live with a large amount of people and I got to take part in building my very first igloo! This is no joke. It took about 15 people in two shifts and 9 hours. The end result was awesome and it lasted for about 4 days.

The igloo stood just over 6 feet tall and 10 people could sit in it comfortably. We realized the eskimos knew what they were doing, that thing was toasty!

Soon after igloo building our very own Cover Boy introduced us all to the 500 Challenge! Which is the whole reason for me to be writing this and all of you to be reading it. This entire endeavor started with a few phone calls and a dropbox account linking 7 computers. Soon to be followed by an email chain and a "shared journal document." Before you knew it we were on Blogspot as Dooley Noted!!

School started the following week for me and before I knew it I was writing my professor an excuse to not attend the second class of the semester so I could fly to LA with Suffolk. I walked skid row and hung out on Santa Monica beach. I met 26 amazing new people who I will get to cross paths with again in just a little over a month.

Then the Dooley Noted Northeastern's hit the slopes with the Zana Parkers for a fun filled weekend - which I have to admit has made me more sore than running 13 miles did!

Reading and writing on this blog has been such a nice break from thinking about how cold it was/is outside. We all had something too look forward to each day. Whether it was an email, a new recipe post, or a funny story from someone we might not always pick up a phone and call.

This entire experience started from a charity walk that brought the Surgeon General and Cover Boy to lunch at the Boston Beer Works around the corner from me in Fenway. A short conversation and some positive attitudes got us signed up for the Disney Half Marathon. We set long term goals and mini goals, we checked in with each other, encouraged each other, watched out for each others ankles, and leaned on each other when it started to get tough.

It is so amazing to think within one month we've reconnected family members (siblings, cousins, aunts, parents, in-laws) all over the place (MA, PA, FL, & MT) to a point of talking almost daily. No matter where I was, Florida, Boston, LA, or NH I knew you all were only and email or phone call away. That has been such a comforting feeling.

And that was only the month! Not to mention just shortly before the Half Marathon we were Yankee Swapping with the Gorillas right in our own little born-and-raised-ranch (Jeopardy style for the Gorillas there). Getting snowed in, playing names in a hat, and finding out what shamoo would really do if he broke out of Sea World. Of course we can't forget how Mrs. Gorilla showed us that Mr. Peanut and David Caruso had way more in common then we ever thought.

I am so proud to be a part of all this. Thanks for all the support! Look at all the posts of what we have done and even better yet what we plan to do! If this is what we did in one month, imagine what we will be looking back on in a year!!

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