Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Deceiving Trainer

Yesterday I met with a trainer and to be honest my first thought of the 5 foot tall, white haired woman in her late 50's standing in front of me was.... this is going to be a waste of my time. Oh how wrong I was, it turns out she's a professional ballroom dancer and she kicked my butt! She also taught me a few things about my diet. I eat waaaaaayy to many carbs and absolutely no protein. I blame this on my italian grandmother for raising me to think each form and shape of pasta is an entirely different meal. Did you know if you gain 1lb of muscle you will burn an extra 126cal more per day? So to start, no more bagels at work and I will be eating a chobani greek yogurt everyday (19gm protein) and adding a little egg white protein powder. My training session not only gave me sore legs and abs, but taught me that motivation can come from anyone and to welcome their experience. Despite my soreness (thanks to Elaine), I will still be making it to spin class tonight!

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