Thursday, February 3, 2011

My thoughts on the Biggest Loser

I am totally psyched about this upcoming weekend.  Big ski weekend up at Sunapee with the family.  I'll be snowboarding, but for the sake of the blog ski/snowboard is interchangeable.

The surgeon general sounds like she had a big day over in the Weymouth Tennis Club.  Keep up the great work and I hope you're enjoying the personal training time. 

I know we've all been talking about fitness for a few weeks, but it is still keeping me fired up after 3 weeks.  I woke up today at about 4:30 am.  I snoozed another 40 minutes(at 7 minute intervals because I can't figure out how to change my snooze button).  I was totally awake and had two options.  Lay around and rest or get over to the gym and get a second workout in for the day. 

Back in August, this was a no brainer.  Snoooaaarrr, exhale, repeat.  Not today.  I was up, dressed, packed, and ready to go by 5:30.  I hit the gym and banged out my 500 challenge exercises.  Then I did some light cardio on the treadmill.

Goal for the evening is to get in the planned workout in the pool/bike.  I sound like a broken record, but thanks to everyone for keeping in touch about their fitness progress.  If we weren't kicking around recipes and work outs, I never would have had the drive to get up today.  So, thanks everybody.

In other news today...  I tivo'd the "Biggest Loxer".  I maintain my thoughts on this show, "These enormous people are really too much.  Some have serious medical issues that makes it difficult to keep weight off.  I feel for them, I really do.  I have to say though, that when I hit 250 I was shocked and truly disappointed in myself.  I immediately got motivated to get this crap under control.  There are very, very few reasons that a person can get to 400 lbs, and it not be THEIR fault.  All that aside, I give credit that they are brave enough to go on TV and let us watch their battle.  However, I can't take the crying.  They are doing 2 a days.  that means 2 work outs per day... 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.  They arent just lifting weights all day long, but it seems like every time they are in the gym, they are crying... someone always claims they think they're dying.  Let us be clear that those 30 people are the only 30 people in the world right now that will not die for exercise.  There is a staff of doctors off camera, not to mention the regular check ups they are getting daily to ensure their enormous hearts don't fail.  All I am saying is "you got yourself here, so suck it up". "

Secondly, I realized from watching them that I need to do 2 a days myself if  want to lose weight.  I am gonna try to hit the morning and evening work out to try and expedite my weight loss.  Good luck to that Olympic wrestler on the Biggest Loser too.  That is a hard working, big man. 

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