Monday, February 14, 2011

V'day and Floridian child obesity - we'll tell you more about this and other things, right after these messages.

Good Morning,

Back to the grind over here in the maritime industry.

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody

Long weekend of working out with the Surgeon General.  Full body workout on Saturday and heavy cardio on Sunday.  I am feeling back in the swing of things now.  This past week kind of dragged along and I missed a few workouts unfortunately.  Thanks to the SG I was able to get back into it and I am ready to roll.

I am really pumped this week because the weather here in philly has taken an unexpected turn for the better.  Temps are all the way up in the 50s and it feels great.  Reminds me a lot of the beginning of baseball season back in HS and college.

When I moved down to Florida I thought it would be great weather and all the time you ever wanted outside.  Only issue I found was that it became so oppresively hot outside that no one, including me, wanted to be outside.  Everyone basically shuttled from building to car and back to stay in the AC.  This was basically the parrallel to the winters in the north.  The down side really was, the sports I am interested in are the summer sports. 

Bottomline of the story is, since we never did much outside from late spring to late fall, I felt like i missed baseball season.  Don't get me wrong, the winter 3 months were pretty good.  50's and 40's during January and February were pretty sweet.  The problem was I knew those were the most comfortable temps i'd see all year.

Back up here now... Sure, the snow sucks during the work week and the freezing cold makes it hard to go outside for ANY reason.  The big change is occasionally the weather subsides during the winter and inevitably the weather will break for the spring season.  March will be good for going outside and you wont have hibernate again until at least december.  That gives you 9 months of being outdoors if you want to. 

The second not to all this, which I am sure is a direct connection, is that there are no public fields in Florida.  Everywhere you go there are signs that say off limits to football fields and baseball fields.  To be perfectly honest, no one should wonder why kids would rather play WII sports than go outside.  If I got thrown off "Burke" field everytime we tried to go out and play... I'd say forget it too. 

So southerners, believe me, I feel your pain on the heat in the summer.  Your kids being fat and more interested in fishing than sports... well thats all on you. 

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