Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"I dont think you're ready for this jelly" - Beyonce

Allo govna,

that's correct my compadres.  I just phoenitically greeted you all in a British accent.  You'll note I said British accent.  It came to my attention that only 1 in about 20 people realize that English people do not speak english.  ::gasp:: I know.  They speak British.  Americans speak English, and to date the only people that speak "American" are those southern, larry the cable guy wannabe's, with the cut off flanel and a penchant for declaring American supremacy over someone... I've never exactly known who they're mad at.

In other news today, I am all kinds of fired up.  I switched gyms to a facility up the road from my house.  It is awesome.  Enormous pool for lap swim, big area for weights and cardio, and free classes of types.  Beautiful thing about this place is it is only 4 dollars more than my Bally's membership. 

So, "so long" creepy eyed, overly pushy, fitness director.  So long angry old lady at the front desk that doesn't look like she has ever worked out in her life.  So long to the weird group of "persian gentleman" who wear polo shirts while working out and converse at the top of their lungs in a strange dialect that sounds like they are having a stroke.  So long to the elderly gentlemen that find it beneath them to wipe down machines after they use them and are so comfortable with their bodies that they stop fully nude in the doorway of the locker room to the showers and engage in full conversations with each other. 

I mean seriously... there is never an acceptable time to make a fully clothed person to the angled side shuffle between you and another guy, WHEN YOU'RE NAKED.  I mean really...

I am sure the new place will have its quirks, but it looks awesome and I am stoked to be able to run the mile and half their and walk back.  In the nice weather the walk is between 2 golf courses.  I wont play, but its a nice walk home along the edge of the course and through the park on the other side. 

So... the fitness rages on.  I am still hoping that I get some interest in the Warrior Dash the mud runs and anything else I've mentioned.  If anyone knows anyone who isn't part of our little nation here that might be interested.... hook it up.  That was exactly what Zuckerberg intended when he made facebook.  Well actually it was a, metaphorically speaking, prosthetic personality so he could actually engage other humans without engaging them.... All that aside, let anyone who is not on our week in review email or part of the "dooley noted" nation know that there are group fitness activities in the future.

Catch you all later... 

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