Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The lull of 2/15 to 3/16

This is it folks.  The true testament of our fitness dedication.  These are the last few weeks of hiding in sweatshirts and baggy jeans.  (well with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla man, I believe their winter ends in june).

Everyone comes out "guns a blazing" through january and up to Valentine's day.  Trust me... no one likes being the fat kid on Valentines Day.  I am sorry, but it is true.  trust me, i know. 

The real challenge is to keep it going for the next month.  After the chocolates and candy from valentines day are gone... assuming they lasted the day...  You're left with a couple of lull weeks until everyone's favorite day (And the only day that my tattoo gets any recognition) St. Patty's day.

This is a "call to arms" for all our followers and friends here to chime in often with their work outs and whatever else to keep us (primarily me) honest.  After St. Pats the baseball starts up and the clothes start to get shorter, tighter, just less in general.  At that time, we all have motivation to not look like "the one thought that popped into Ray's head when asked to choose what would destroy him" in the first Ghost Buster movie.

I through that trivia in there for Mr. Gorilla man.

The answer is the "Stay Puft, marshmallow man".  Anyways.... come spring we'll get the motivation back, but I say lets keep the magic rolling and hit the ground running by the time we hit "Marathon Monday".  Who's with me?

BTW... I am hoping to go into Boston for the Marathon this year.  Anyone else interested in taking the day?

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  1. I usually get a ticket to the game that day so I'll be in the Kenmore area!