Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working out while at work

Mama Bear brings workouts to work

So here it is folks, I am still working on the challenge but I have added a new twist, two of my colleagues and I are using stability balls in our offices instead of chairs. Sounds easy but it is really a challenge. In order to move you need to stand (aka do a squat) and switch positions. Getting off the ball to deal with anything not at your desk requires you to carefully stand so as not to fall or shoot the ball across the room. Just the simple act of sitting on it strengthens your core. I can tell you that I have been working at it and feel the difference. I have sparked interest from my colleagues along with weird looks and as always the snide comments by the ones that want to put you down. I have a very support boss, Angela is in such great shape she thinks it is awesome we are doing this. After vacation we will be adding an exercise everytime the bell rings, (nothing to sweaty but something) Lorna H. is helping us with some exercises using the ball and other exercises. Next week is vacation and looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather, golf and exercise. Will keep you posted on the stability ball work outs.

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