Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wake and Shake

Good Morning everybody,

Thursday is upon us and that means... something... I dont know what, but something.

heads up everybody - Got a new recipe on the Recipe page

Anyways,  I'll be hitting the gym this afternoon, well actually running again.  I needed a break from the bike and the swim for a bit and I feel I have been totally neglected my road work.  So today will hopefully be another journey over to "boathouse row" to meet up with the philly runners.

This morning I was ultra motivated and got up and did the dishes started some laundry and made a protein shake with milk and a banana.  I like the shakes because they are light and I don't feel like I'm slugging around the office all morning. 

Lunch is going to be left overs from last night - Salmon, salad, mozarella & pepper things ( I dunno what you call them, but Kris knows the real name).  Getting hungry just thinking about it actually.

so I have 17 weeks until the Dunedin Triathlon... rock and roll!  If I lose 5 lbs a week I'll definitely hit my goal.  If I can at least make 3 lbs a week, then I can make it to the "red zone"...  What is the redzone you ask?  ahh allow me to enlighten you.

Back in the good old days of Kings Point , the lightest I ever got was 195 and that lasted about 2 days when we were only allowed to march, run, drink water, and stand at attention.  Great work out, but it lasted 16 hours a day.  Unrealistic for any normal human being with job.  205 was a good weight.  I stayed at 205 for a while until work outs for baseball helped me put on some muscle.  Point of the matter is, at 205 I was skin and bones and muscle.  Science says (and doctors say) I should be 20 lbs lighter than my lightest weight achieved after "Officer Candidate School" aka basic training.  In summary I am 257 and the docs say I should be 175.

So I am aiming for my scientific weight (giving it the old college try), but if I can get within 30 lbs of the goal (175), I will consider myself in the red zone(205)... or maybe field goal range is a better analogy. Either way, you guys catch my drift. 

So I'll keep you posted and hopefully next time I have pictures after a race in my "Silent Killers Gear" It'll be hanging off me because it's way to big.  Keep up the work guys and girls and I'll keep you posted on my path to "de-clydesdale" myself.

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