Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's in a name?

Good evening my fellow americans,

Just got back from a quick meeting of the medical, fitness, and grocery minds.  I say that because I had an ultrasound of my "Carotid artery" this afternoon (its a boy), swung by the gym to talk to the nutrition expert (psht), and then the grocery store.

First... an ultrasound of the carotid artery is far more interesting in theory than practice.  Its just a quick scan to make sure its not obstructed or funny or something... i dunno, but mine was normal.  So hooray for my kneck.

Secondly... They'll let anyone call themself a fitness director these days.  I stopped at Bally's fitness (aka the gym) to talk to someone about getting some nutritional assistance.  I figure with all my training and weight loss goals, I will want a diet that keeps my fat burning and my energy up.  I was hoping for some professional assistance.  Well, let me say that customer service is a club in Bally's bag.

I was greated by a surly old lady.  I assume this is something she does on the side to supplement a pension or some kind of fixed income, but holy crap lady.  If you don't like people, perhaps front desk at a gym is not a wise career choice.  Seriously... she called the fitness director to the desk over the load speaker, "Dan report to the front desk immediately".  The guy was literally 2 feet away from her leaning over a desk.

Dan was a super friendly guy, but had those eyes that you're not sure if he's is perpetually surprised by life, or possibly... on crack.  Either way the neurons did not make solid connections in his gray matter.  Dan identified himself as a fitness guide (which is the eastern philosophy version of personal trainer) and proceeded to not hear a word I said as he threw the maximum pressure, presumptive sale, sleasy car salesman tactics of the year at me.

I cut old danny off and told him I want to do 1 session a week for 3 months and the highest I'll pay per session is 50.  I happen to have worked at a gym and researched the local going rate for a trainer.  That put me in the middle to low end of the trainers, but it was a price I was willing to afford.  Dan wasn't hearing any of this... So moral of the story is that Dan lost the 1 in the hand look for the 2 in the bush that weren't there.

No biggie.  we'll just do it ourselves right?? right.  Then it was grocery time for fresh fish and salad fixin's.  No work out tonight because I have some reading that has to be done...  It'll only be the 500 challenge work tonight ladies and gents. 

Hope everyone else's progress is still kicking it.  Dunedin is bearing down on us and I am planning out my next few months to make sure that I am lean, clean, and covered in vasoline (chafing is a real issue for a guy my size and this much running).  :)  happy wednesday everybody. 

p.s.  for all the new members of  Team silent killers... You too could look this good.

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