Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MamaBear, just finished a lovely dinner with my lovely daughter, and now catching up on the blog I am super excited to see the new format. Dad (John) is in Conn. for a conference so I took the opportunity to get together with the grams and do dinner. Chinese on Monday ate pretty healthy and gave her the left overs, just found out she is going to share them with Jennifer at lunch tomorrow. Took grams into Boston and met Kyle for dinner in town, nice to catch up with the traveling Chief of Staff, haven't seen her in over a month, dinner once again was healthy grilled salmon on rice, brought half home for my lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow night dinner with my colleagues at our monthly college outing, usually the salad at this place is great and will feast on that, then Thursday I get to referee the student faculty game, I hope I am in shape for this ugh. Any way hopefully the weather will get better up here we actually had snow yesterday and it is very cold. looking forward to getting outside for some real exercise. thinking of boot camp again, ugh do I have 5:00 a.m. in me again. Well looking forward to the new blog format.

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