Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Workout Wednesdays begin

Hey everybody,

Its the first "work out wednesday" of our new and improved format. 

I hope everyone out there is feeling the fitness bug creeping up on them for the upcoming beach season.  The weather has been typically northeastern this march.  70 on Saturday, 38 on Tuesday.  Nothing says pneumonia like a 32 degree swing. 

If anybody gets a minute please let us know what's going on in your world of work outs.  Anything that is particularly effective or particularly ineffective.  Any workouts you might be looking to try out, or are you looking for work outs to mix it up.  Our Dooley Noted nation here is by no means the definitive word on Fitness, but hey... we're a scrappy bunch.

As far as my work outs go right now... I am getting back on track dedicating my work out schedule to the Triathlon Training.  I have been doing the training, but I keep shifting my days and not staying as close to the schedule as I should.  I checked it last night and realized that I am able to do the exercises I need to, right now.  That is really positive because I was concerned I might be a little behind the
curve... so yay for me.

I also officially put my foot forward and gave up that sweet sweet nectar kn

own as Soda.  I would love to say it is for Lent, but sorry to the big guy up stairs... its for weight loss.  I mentioned this a while back, but finally threw down the gauntlet yesterday... and I am running on straight milk, oj, and water.

For the workout for the day, I am going to hit the gymski for a bike and swim combo.  I should lift some weights, but I think the timing will probably not work this evening.  40 min on the bike/30 min in the pool.

So.... i am going to go get my spartan abs in shape so I can look good for tampa in June.  Everybody keep the fitness rolling and have a great wednesday.

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