Monday, April 4, 2011

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Motivational Mondays begins....

How's everyone doing?  Another long gap in the blogging world.  There is business afoot here in Philly. I have been doing some deep research and not to mention the rampant laziness... either way, the prodigal son of the Dooley Noted Nation hath returned.

I figured the quote above was a very appropriate (and true) statement for the triumphant return to the blogosphere.

So, lets cut to the chase.  I have been battling some seriously down in the dumps moods as of late.  I mean, don't get it wrong, I am still a high functioning person, but there is just no motivation to do the extracurricular stuff.

I have been off the wagon on working out for a while now and I finally got out of the house and did a little light cardio tonight.  Yes, I feel like crap and when you feel that way it is hard to pull out of the nose dive of self pity that seemingly always accompanies.

Well... Tomorrow is a new day.  The world is somebody's oyster.  The records keep spinning.  (insert cliche of choice here).  I cannot help that my weight loss never showed during my drastically increased health and wellness push, but I can change my diet and plan going forward.

So my thoughts onthis matter are that everybody should take a chance at something different every morning.  I have been trying to do this all weekend and it really pulled me out of the crapper.  So forget the beginnings... lets face it, the end is so much more pertinent.  :) 

have a great week everybody.

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