Monday, May 23, 2011

Motivational Monday - Endure

Here's a fitting return to the blogospheric enterprise that is... motivational mondays.

So.. I am pretty sore from yesterdays work out.  It was a real wake up call to all the muscles needed for strength training.  I've been running and keeping my lungs up, but man o man did i slack on the old core muscles. 

Anyways, the good news is I am feeling good and eating healthy.  I am only 6 meals in, but hey... I am staying below that evil mistress we in the weight watcher's world call "points".  I am alotted a fair amount of points because of my sizable midsection.  In some cultures I would be the chief because of my stature, but in today's culture I am just the slowest kid chasing the ice cream truck.

I know i favor the ice cream truck metaphor, but it's what comes to me readily.

So, in honor of my dedication to training, falling off the wagon, climbing on the wagon, then off, and now on again... (you see where this is going)  I present the motivational poster for "Endure".

"Tough times don't last, tough people do".  That is my motto for my new found love of the running world.  I personally am trying to get all these 1/2 marathons, tri's, road race, etc. in before I turn 30.  It really isn't an age thing to me.  It is far more important to me to remember those who have fallen due to illness, injury, or just dumb luck... and can no longer "compete" in these events. 

If I may make a play on the old cliche... "Those who can SHOULD do.  Those who can't SHOULD teach."  So many people with the ability to do things just waive it off for lack of interest, without a second thought that somewhere someone would give their left arm to do it just one more time. 

So let us all take a quick second to think about that....

Also, this picture is probably exactly what I am gonna look like in a few months of training.  That's right ladies and gentlemen.  I probably won't be in a boxing ring, because of the whole blood clotting thing, but Halloween is right around the corner... so just get the cameras ready.

"float like rock, sting like a marshmallow" - thats my way.

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